Incredible right? We’re only up for a week, and we already have an exclusive.

We all know by now that Alex Ovechkin has had a few unfortunate run-ins with Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Tim Gleason.

One led to a 2 game suspension a few weeks ago:

and one led to a pretty disgusting facial laceration (that’s him with the 30 stitches and full face shield):

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Well we managed to get our hands on a 100% fake hand-crafted card Alex Ovechkin recently sent to Tim Gleason in apology. Hopefully this clears up any ill-will between the two, and we can all just move on. Check out the card below the jump.

(Front - Click To Enlarge) Ovechkin Apology Card to Tim Gleason

(Front - Click To Enlarge) Ovechkin Apology Card to Tim Gleason

(Inside of Card)

(Inside - Click To Enlarge) Ovechkin Apology Card to Tim Gleason

What a great gesture from the league’s two-time MVP!!

Anyways, for those who didn’t see the Leafs/Caps game over the weekend, Alex Ovechkin also managed to misfire on another shot and hit teammate and BFF Alex Semin in the head. We couldn’t find any video or photo evidence of that missile or the carnage thereafter but apparently he gave Sasha the 7 $100 Palm Restaurant gift certificates he’s won over the course of the season from Comcast SportsNet. After receiving the gift, an excited Semin said in English ” Situation is water under bridge.”

But to summarize the Russian Machine has now hit two people in the head in 2 games in back to back nights with errant shots, including the guy he kneed and got suspended for 2 weeks ago and his best friend on the team. I know people want to make him out to be some kind of terrible villain, but a.) look at the card, he’s clearly apologetic, and b.) he hurts opponents AND teammates alike. He may be slightly reckless. I’ll give you that. But his intent is not malicious.

  • Peter