Russian Machine's First T-Shirt

Russian Machine

Okay, so this post’s actually a day late, but I wanted to officially invite you to the Grand Opening of our new Russian Machine Never Breaks Spreadshirt Store.

Yes, I totally ripped off the T-Shirt Tuesday slogan from the Orioles (who probably ripped it off of someone else) and no, we will never have an Ollie’s Bargain Night.

What is a Spreadshirt Store? Well it’s basically a place where the Russian Machine is going to outfit you with nicely designed t-shirts for a small pittance. Shirts will be available for men, women, kids and our ever growing Big and Tall crowd.

Every Tuesday from now until the end of the regular season, we’re going to be releasing a new t-shirt design. Some of our hockey-related designs may be serious, some may be weird, some may make you question humanity, and some may make make your friends think you’re racist hilarious . Who knows? But this is going to be epic.

What makes us so sure? Well, we’ve had some great success at another blog you’ve might of heard of and we’re totally cocky this time around. Being mentioned on SportsCenter and having one of the most popular national baseball writers wearing your tshirt will do that. And this too. Kids are so cute!

For our first shirt, we’re going to keep it simple. The official Russian Machine Never Breaks Logo on a white t-shirt. It’s available for Men, Women and Kids sizes for $13.95. Once the first week passes, we will up the prices of the shirt for it’s standard price. So if you dig it, makes sense to buy now.

We’ll be providing coupon codes for our shirts on our Facebook Fan Page and our Twitter Account periodically. So make sure you join, so you can be in the know.

Anyways, let us know what you think. And if you have any special requests, shoot us an email and we’ll consider. Happy shopping!

Domination in Denver: Caps beat Avs 6-1

There’s a Mike Green-shaped stain on the glass at Denver tonight.

The Capitals’ 6-1 domination over the Avalanches shouldn’t be reduced to a single nasty hit, but our journalistic spidey sense tells us that if it bleeds, it ledes. We’ve worried in the past that the team depends too much on Mike Green‘s ice presence, and perhaps other teams are starting to notice, too. In a moment of impotent rage, 240-pound David Koci smeared D-man Greenie into the glass. The poor man’s Chris Cooley did not get up for some time, and did not return to the ice. Russian Machine Never Breaks World Headquarters (located several stories beneath the Green Turtle in historic downtown Frederick) is outfitted with a dedicated, secure phone line for a situations just like this. As soon the Green phone rings, we’ll update you.

What else happened tonight? The Caps beat the living snow out of Colorado.

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