Chris Clark vs. Steve Staios Fight

If some of you missed it, since nothing happened here except bear hugs and helmet punching, here is the fight between Washington Capitals captain Chris Clark and Edmonton Oilers Defenseman Steve Staios. Who won – minus the PA Annoucer who put on that country song in the middle of the scrap? Well, neither got in a good shot, and when the takedown happened, both players seemingly fell to the ice on their sides at the same time. So we’re going to rule this one a draw, and a total yawn.

Thanks to for the video.

  • Timothy Oh

    Ms.Farrand told me to go on this cite. It is so awsome, but one thing, it’s not Sydney Crosby its Cindy Crybaby

  • You are correct Timothy! BTW, this may be the world’s greatest comment. Tell Ms. Farrand she’s awesome.

  • Ashley Farrand

    You’re absolutely right, Timmy. As another of your classmates says, “you can’t spell ‘cry’ without ‘Crosby.'” You know, with the music playing and how they moved across the ice, they kind of look like figure skaters. Will they make the double sow cow?