What Should The Capitals Do With Alex Semin – Intro

What To Do With Alex Semin

With all this talk about the Caps potentially taking a run at Ilya Kovalchuk, I figured it was as good a time as ever to debate if Alex Semin should be made available at the trade deadline by General Manager George McPhee – well, only of course for the right price.  Semin is currently finishing out a pretty reasonable 2 year deal and will be a Restricted Free Agent over the summer if he doesn’t resign before then.

Everyone is aware of Semin’s other-worldly talent.  Everyone is aware of his injury and consistency issues.

Hell, at a recent Q&A at ESPN Zone in Downtown DC, Head Coach Bruce Boudreau had this to say about his star winger:

“Who knows what he’s thinking.  The minute I learn to read him, he throws me a curve ball.  One day he looks like the greatest star on Earth and the next day you want to use a stick and beat him over the head with it.  He’s the enigma of enigmas for our team.  But in the NHL, you can’t find this type of talent everywhere.” – (Quote taken from Washington Capitals Examiner – Link Here)

Not really a ringing endorsement.  So what should the Capitals do with the other Sasha? Resign him, trade him or let him walk this summer?  Let the Russian Machine know what you think in the comments below, and then we’ll chime in later today!

All photos of Semin will be from clydeorama. Check out his Photos in his Flickr Account Here.

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  • FedFed

    Trade him. For KOVY!!!

  • If someone like Fedorov — who I believe Semin respected and listened to — can be brought in as another mentor, then keep him. But I think the fans are about as frustrated with Semin’s inconsistency and just overall flakiness as Boudreau.

  • danielle

    What would OV do without his BFF? What if he has a mental breakdown?!?!

  • Caps need a stay at home blue liner, not another scorer.

    Backstrom is obviously the priority this offseason, but you can’t let Semin walk for nothing. If Caps *really* think he wont sign, then you have to trade him.

  • sasha

    Sign him but short term, small bump in pay with incentives. Unless Sascha would walk & seek a better deal. He’s an asset, seems to love playing with Ovi but needs that’s incentive to stay on track.

  • Jordan

    I’d love to get Semin, as long the Pens don’t offer Kennedy.