Kaitlyn’s Capital Drawings

Beautiful Nicklas Backstrom Color Pencil Drawing By Kaitlyn

Beautiful Nicklas Backstrom Color Pencil Drawing By Kaitlyn

Other than Nicklas Backstrom’s terrible attempt at a water-color painting, we here at Russian Machine Never Breaks LOVE, LOVE, LOVE artwork. And so that’s why we love high schooler and avid hockey player Kaitlyn(Please follow her on Twitter).

After seeing one of her beautiful color-penciled masterpieces of the aforementioned Backstrom (shown to the right), the Russian Machine put in a special request for an Alex Ovechking drawing. And Kaitlyn sweetly obliged…

But the project was not without its own setbacks – as all artists can attest to. She even managed to put us through a whole gamut of emotions during the process (like only a high school girl could) as she updated her progress on Twitter:

Like… We saw this tweet and we were excited:
CapsKat19: if I have time tommorow before my hockey game, i may start on @russianmachine ‘s drawing.

We saw this tweet and got nervous:
CapsKat19: @russianmachine ha ive got all this pressure now :p Nick drawing was few months ago so i’ll see if i still have drawing capabilities 2morrow

Then we saw this tweet and were devastated:
CapsKat19: I give up on you for now, Alex.

But then when all was lost and we had completely given up, we saw this tweet and all became right with the world once again:
CapsKat19: http://twitpic.com/t3it3 – I decided to try drawing Varly. His is turing out lot better than Alex. No one wants to see Alex at the moment

Then we got an email with the finished product as an attachment and we were thrilled! Take a look:

Kaitlyn's Semyon Varlamov Drawing

Fantastic. Though as a sidenote, she’s sadly missing the accompanying heating pad, aspirin and Bengay that Varly has been using to treat his “minor” groin injury.

Anyways, we must focus! Kaitlyn is the epitome of why we love Caps fans. We made a ridiculous request (that we thought would be ignored) and she happily went through on the project even during a busy weekend with a hockey tournament going on. So on this beautiful day, we thought she was the first awesome example of representing the Christmas spirit of giving. Thanks Kaitlyn. And to all you other Caps Fans/Aspiring Artists out there, if you’ve got Caps artwork of either Alex Ovechkin, Semyon Varlamov or Alex Semin please email us! We’ll definitely put it up.

  • These are really amazing. And having Kaitlyn as a fellow tweep, it’s super awesome to see these drawings of the hockey players you cheer for. I love to draw myself, but most drawing I do of the Caps players come out really, um, odd and she has the talent to pull of a great drawing. Bravo. And I love the utmost drama in the drawing tweets. Nice touch. xD