Capitals Re-sign Alex Semin To One Year Extension

General Manager George McPhee just announced that the Washington Capitals agreed to a one year extension with superstar Left Winger Alex Semin. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Per Tarik El Bashir’s Blog:

Winger Alexander Semin has agreed to a one-year contract extension, GM George McPhee confirmed to me moments ago. Semin, who is in the final year of a two-year contract, would have become a restricted free agent July 1.

He will become an unrestricted free agent after the extension expires in 2011.

Does this setup an opportunity for the Capitals to actually resign Semin to a long-term deal next year? The Russian Machine thinks so. Remember, the Capitals still need to have the flexibility to handle Michael Nylander and his cap hit on the roster next year if something unforeseen happens, and this 1 year contract essentially buys them time.

Plus, it further allows the team to make sure this is an investment it wants to make. And with someone as enigmatic as Semin, this is smart. We applaud GMGM. Now let’s get Nicklas Backstrom signed to a 15 year deal!!

Update: It is a one year 6 million dollar deal and George McPhee said that Semin preferred the one year pact. McPhee also said that he’s trying to keep the team together and is interested in locking him up long term. Also, interesting perspectives: Puck Daddy Editor Greg Wyshynski and Capitals Beat Writer/Translator Dmitry Chesnokov say the Capitals have a two year window to win the Stanley Cup. Reading into their answers it makes me feel like a KHL Russian Team may make a serious run at Semin to get him to return to his native country once he’s a free agent next year.

  • FedFed

    I think, we will not sign him next year. He needs bug money for long-term deal. We can’t give it to him.

  • I disagree. Remember Nylander will be coming off the books next year, and there’ll be no Pothier and no Chris Clark – or a much less expensive Chris Clark. That’s about 10 million dollars right there. So I disagree that they won’t have the money. Do they want to? I don’t know, it’s up to them. But at least now they can take their time and do the right thing.

  • And I forgot Theodore will be gone next year as well and that’s about $5 mil. So they’ll have some flexibility.

  • Savvymomo5

    Why would Theodore be gone? Couldn’t he still be a backup? They should have some REAL veteran presence in net.

  • Heather

    I think that a “real” veteran presence in net does not equal Theodore. I’d prefer 2 young goalies with consistency. But that’s just me, maybe.

  • It’s not just you, Heather!

  • Greg Wyshynski just tweeted this. Interesting: wyshynski Thus opens the 2-year window to win. RT @DarrenDreger Semin extension. 1 year, $6 million.

  • Another interesting perspective: hotpinkhope: Prediction: Semin wants to win the Cup then back to Russia- would be surprised if he signs long term deal anywhere next year. #caps

  • Savvymomo5

    After 1 year of reasonalby good regular season play you’re just willing to let go of Theodore even as a back-up? Maybe he won’t be a Cap in 2 years, but I see him potentialy staying for another year.

  • Theodore broke his stick after practice when he learned Neuvy was starting tonight. I don’t think there’s any chance at all he’s coming back next year.

  • Savvymomo5

    @russianmachineneverbreaks …If I had known that beforehand…

  • Here’s Semin’s interview after the game:

  • Savvymomo5

    Would Semin leave the NHL and one of his best friends to go to the KHL?

  • See. The drama! Who knows!

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  • I think Semin wants to be a champion as much as he wants to be a Cap. This and next season are not just Semin’s chance to prove himself to the league (and world), but the Caps’ chance to prove to Alex that they can win the Cup and learn how to manage him. First step is to teach Semin fluent English.
    – Peter