Since this weekend brought us so many freakishly weird things, like my mother getting a “Slanket” (a rip off version of the Snuggie) for Christmas, we decided to just put up a few of the awesome things we observed. Prepare yourself.

I. A Shirtless Brooks Laich

While I was doing some writing tonight, I noticed a Twitter Conversation with some of my younger followers. What were they talking about? The most good looking Capitals of course! And who came up? This guy:

A Shirtless Brooks Laich

Now you may say, Russian Machine, you’re just putting that up for cheap links. You damn right we are. It’s not like we’re the first ones to do it.

II. A Terrible Sergei Fedorov Fight

Maybe Feds missed the memo, but Christmas time is the season of giving. Not the season of trying to punch the head off an opponent Rock-Em-Sock-Em-Robots Style. The 40 year old Fedorov, who moved from our Nation’s Capitals to the KHL this past summer, got into a fight with 23 year old Roman Derlyuk to avenge a dirty hit on his younger brother, Fedor.

I don’t know if I’m the only one here thinking this, but is just watching this tape surreal? Why? Well it’s not because Federov’s fighting persay, it’s just because he chose playing in this league over playing with the Capitals one more year. It just looks so B-League. Fellow Russians out there, is there something we’re missing (minus the money)? also awesomely translated an interview of Roman Derlyuk and asked him what it was like to fight one of his childhood heroes:

“Fedorov is a great player, I remember watching him play when I was a kid. I’d even call myself his fan. And if someone told me that I’d ever fight Fedorov I would… I would… never believe. It just happened that he went after me, one of his punches reached my head and I… Of course I’d never start a fight against such player as Sergei Fedorov… never,” said Derlyuk to Alyona Shilova of after the game.

III. Redskins Putrid Performance Forces NBC Anchors To Make Idle Chatter About The Capitals. Awkward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$@#$

Washington Capitals Sign on NBC Sunday Night Football Game Between Redskins & Cowboys

(Picture via @Gunaxin) In attention-the-capitals-have-never-gotten-ever news, Dan Synder’s Washington Redskins are so bad that Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth actually tried talking about the Washington Capitals on air. Did it go well? You be the judge:

dcsportsbog: Al Michaels: “You know what I saw today (around town)? Alex Ovechkin’s jersey.”
dcsportsbog: Michaels: “I think people right now in this town would rather talk about the Capitals than kvetch about the Redskins.”
wbhenry2010: “The Redskins can’t put the puck in the net.” – Cris Collinsworth

Wow! A few responses we liked on Twitter were:

ChrisMottram: So, Al and Cris are shocked that DC fans are rooting for their local successful sports franchise over the one that’s currently shit?
hotpinkhope: Collinsworth, I knew your were an idiot, couldn’t you have tried to make it less obvious that you could care less about hockey?
awesome_anna: @lucybrown9 Are you seriously saying the Olson twins are WORSE than Crosby? LIES!

Oops! Got sidetracked on that Crosby one.

IV. Wale At Every Washington Sporting Event Ever

(Credit to Homer McFanBoy For Video) Yes, even Roger Mason Jr. Wale was at the Redskins game. … Okay, sorry thought it was important to share. Every other blogger talks about him so I thought I should too!

V. Capitals Young Guns Elved

Lastly, I just saw this on Punch In The Face and couldn’t stop laughing. The smug look on Semin’s face as he does the “mashed potatoe” gets me everytime. Oh man.

Also, this is the post that keeps on giving as it also supplies us with Mike Knuble in a Dress, a snowball fight between Team Crosby vs. Team Ovechkin, and Quintin Laing wishing you a Happy Festivus. God, I love the internet.