The Winter Classic And Mike Green’s Geico Commercial

If you were like me today, you spent your New Year’s the only way you know how, by watching hockey and drinking like you were 18 again. Yes, the NHL’s Third Annual Winter Classic was showcased today by our friends at NBC (we never forget Milbury), this time at Boston’s Legendary Fenway Park. The Philadelphia Flyers (and their fat and overweight dirty cheese-steak eating fans) made the trip up I-95 to play the Boston Bruins in a game for the ages that maybe had 8 good minutes of hockey.

What was the best part of the Winter Classic you ask? Well, beyond James Taylor’s stunning rendition of the National Anthem, it was definitely the debut of two commercials featuring prominent Capitals players. Mike Green made his acting debut and appeared in the Geico Commericial shown above (via gfcaps fan on japers), and Alex Ovechkin, Niklas Backstrom and cleverly edited extras wearing the #52 and #21 were in a Verizon Wireless Commercial shown here. Awesome.

I asked Peter, one of our lead writers, which commericial he liked best:

“The Washington Capitals’ invitation to the Winter Classic might have been lost in the mail, but the boys crashed it anyway. There’s the elegiac Verizon Wireless commercial that most everyone fawned over, but I really prefer Mike Green’s GEICO spot.

See, this commercial has everything I love. For starters, there’s Canada’s best defenseman, Mike Green. Plus those stupid cavemen get that institutional racism played out against them once more. Hijinx! Granted, I think GreenLife52 could benefit from a bit of the Stanislavsky method, but I still love this. NBC says we can’t be on a national hockey game? Listen up, Costas. Money talks.”

But see, I think he – like many other Capitals fans – were just wildly excited to see our players in commercials in general. And yeah, man. That’s sweet. I’m pumped too. We’re finally getting the recognition we deserve. But if you really watch the Geico Commercial and are looking at it from a fresh perspective, you notice that the Mike Green shown in this clip has about as much personality as a bag of potatoes. Okay, okay, I’m being too hard on him. He had as much personality as that creepy stack of money with the googley eyes.

Though, to be fair, his acting was 180 times better than whoever played the Geico Caveman.

But what do you guys think? Was Greener’s first commercial a huge success or a total letdown? Let us know and vote below:

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  • Jordan
  • The only problem with putting the Penguins in every Winter Classic is a.) it’d annoy almost everyone who follows hockey and B.) There are other good players and areas in the country that should be showcased. It makes sense, because they are a heavily followed team and it’d bring in big revenue, but there’d definitely be a lot of hurt feelings. The NHL doesn’t throw a lot of money into big events a lot, so it makes sense to appease the owners and spread the love. Hopefully the Caps will get said love next year!

  • Jordan

    it talks about the Caps being in there too.

  • Oh the Russian Machine is well aware that the Caps will be in the Classic next year. We can’t wait.

  • Jordan

    I hope they’d be on the road, RFK doesn’t seem like a good place, and Natinals Park doesn’t seem to have any sort of draw other then the fact it’s new. However NYS has contract for a bowl game ’til 2013, if it does end up being Rangers-Caps, they’d have to make a rink in about a week, I have no clue how long it’d take to construct a rink but I’d guess they’d be cutting it pretty close. Or, they could play at the new Giants Stadium which of course wouldn’t be as appealing as NYS, but the fact that it’s in it’s first season of use cause some buzz.

  • Stevie K.

    I think this year’s rink took a couple weeks to set up, and it will be in use for at least another week or two for college games and the like. I can’t imagine that the NHL would want be able to get the job done at NYS, despite its appeal. Besides, I want it at a football stadium. I can’t stand seeing hockey in a baseball stadium. It doesn’t seem like the sight lines could ever work.

  • Peter


    “I don’t get it and I don’t like it. The Penguins are the biggest draw the NHL has going. They have the most popular and recognizable player in the sport and as reigning Stanley Cup champions, they’re the best team to boot. That is exactly what the NHL should showcase, over and over again.”

    They could be talking about the Caps. Except for the part about the Cup. That’ll be true next year. Wink.

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  • Evans looked good, but I still think he might get caught