Mike Green’s Second Geico Commercial

I’m not sure if I should ask, but if you haven’t gotten enough of the Geico Cavemen – and Lord Knows how could you not – here is Geico’s Second Commercial featuring Canada’s Best Defenseman, Mike Green. If you ask the Russian Machine for his opinion, this commercial is substantially better than the first, only because Mike Green is actually doing what he’s good at: playing hockey and mugging at the camera. No more of that silly “acting.”

So yes, this is a good hockey commercial. Why? Great dramatic lighting. Sweet Trick Shots. And a weird, almost confusing cameo by Head Coach Bruce Boudreau in the final seconds. Geico – you must have made a mistake – because this commercial is a pleasure to watch. As we did last time, let’s vote. How did Greener do? Let us know below:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Caps Rap

We at the Machine love dedicated fans who make stuff. Andrew Bowser, Michael Eller, Pedro Gonzalez & Pat Wood have created this fantastic video to bear tribute to what-we-consider-D.C.’s-only-remaining sports team.


Name-dropping galore and some great cameos by GMGM, Brooks, Matt, Nicky, and Mike! I personally think some time should have been spent discussing Chris Simon and the mortal-freaking-terror he evoked during his couple of seasons with the Caps. Either way, ain’t nothing wrong with trashing the Penguins in verse, especially since they’re currently beating our team 5-3 (in consecutive losses). Congrats to the filmmakers for terrific work.

Happy Monday, Caps fans!