Mike Green’s Second Geico Commercial

I’m not sure if I should ask, but if you haven’t gotten enough of the Geico Cavemen – and Lord Knows how could you not – here is Geico’s Second Commercial featuring Canada’s Best Defenseman, Mike Green. If you ask the Russian Machine for his opinion, this commercial is substantially better than the first, only because Mike Green is actually doing what he’s good at: playing hockey and mugging at the camera. No more of that silly “acting.”

So yes, this is a good hockey commercial. Why? Great dramatic lighting. Sweet Trick Shots. And a weird, almost confusing cameo by Head Coach Bruce Boudreau in the final seconds. Geico – you must have made a mistake – because this commercial is a pleasure to watch. As we did last time, let’s vote. How did Greener do? Let us know below:

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  • For the people voting WOOOO! Caps player on TV!! I don’t understand.

  • Peter

    I voted “WOOOO! Caps player on TV!”

  • Bastard!

  • CapsChick

    Any commercial in which Bruce does not have any lines is fine by me!

  • Jordan

    Why couldn’t of the dinosaurs just eaten the cavemen? 🙂