A Photo of Savannah Morrissey's Russian Machine T-Shirt

savvymomo5http://twitpic.com/wpbtd – @russianmachine my awsome new shirt

The Russian Machine wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to fan of the blog Savannah Morrissey, or savvymomo5 on Twitter, for being the first of our wild and crazy supporters to actually post photographic evidence of a purchased Russian Machine T-Shirt. Yes, this is nice. No, she didn’t need to spell awesome right. Who needs that extra e anyways?

Well, for those of you who’ve had some cold feet, the Russian Machine Portrait T-Shirt is available in our store for the dirt cheap price of $14.95 and hopefully this will show some of you that you’re getting quality. Remember, in a previous endeavor, the Russian Machine has outfitted hundreds of Orioles fans, an ESPN analyst and sold t-shirts at the Legends Museum by Camden Yards. So he’s been around the block a time or two.

Like always, if you purchase a shirt and provide the Russian Machine with a photo, he will put it up for all to view either on the blog or our facebook fan page.

Later tonight during the Capitals game, we’ll have part 2 of our T-Shirt Tuesday: A New Mike Green Team Canada Protest Shirt. Until then, tata!