We’re going to keep this one short and sweet. The Russian Machine thinks Mike Green is Canada’s Best Defenseman. Team Canada and Steve Yzerman thinks Mike Green isn’t even worth being in their the Top 7. Japers Rink thinks Mike Green was snubbed.

Simply put: Mike Green Doesn’t Get Any Respect. No Norris, No Olympics. What???!??! We here at RMNB are fed up. So with all these hopeless emotions filling our respective souls, we had to take these negatives and turn it into a positive. Thus after 20 hours of non-stop illustrating, sketching, and photoshopping, here is our latest shirt entitled “Canada’s Best Defenseman: Snubbed.” See the Full Size Graphic Below.

We are also Holding a Contest with this t-shirt design Until The Olympic Break: If you purchase this t-shirt and send us a photo of you in it, you go up on the website. No questions asked. If you get the shirt signed by Mike Green with photographic evidence accompanying it, you will enter a drawing (with the others who do so) to win a free t-shirt. If someone does the ultimate and gets Mike Green in this t-shirt with photographic evidence, you get two upper level tickets to an upcoming Caps game and a free t-shirt. And the Grand Prize would go to whoever manages to do so first. So who’s game? Caps Fans, It’s time to protest in style.

And oh yeah, one last thing, screw you Canada. We were going to root for Russia anyways.

Mike Green T-shirt Canada's Best Defenseman Snubbed

  • I’ve heard rumor team Russia is going to wear Capitals sweaters when they play. I mean- 2 on the top line, a star goalie, and possible trade winds swirling with Kovy? Why not?

    Nice job Ian!

  • Jordan

    I wonder what Evgeni Malkin would say to the above suggestion… Я не соглашаюсь

  • This is a fantastic shirt, although I think it would be better if it said somewhere on it like, “2010 Olympics” to make it more specific to this occasion.

  • We need Team Russia shirts, b/c that’s who I’m rooting for in the Olympics!!

  • Dazey2,

    The shirt doesn’t say 2010 Olympics so that we can reuse it in 2014.

  • Ian

    Yeah, sorry guys, but Mike Green isn’t a defenseman, he’s a 4th forward.

    Canada has enough people that are going to score, so when they name defenseman to a team, they want someone that’s going to play defense well.

  • matt

    you’re already planning to use it again in 2014, that seems like you are acknowledging he doesn’t deserve to be on the team.

  • Jeff

    As soon a Mike Green learns how to play some defense, instead of scoring buckets of goals, then you can maybe consider him snubbed.

    Right now, last couple of years, Sorry, not a top 7 Canadian defenseman.

  • The reason we made the shirt is for people like you Ian, who think Mike Green is a glorified 4th forward. This perception is not reality. Greener’s an excellent defenseman who is extremely responsible in his own zone.

  • zhaba bre

    well atleast when they dont win the gold ppl will be like, “if only Green was there”..

  • Ian

    Well it’s all opinion isn’t it?

    Personally I think Steve Yzerman has probably been around hockey a lot longer than you, and knows a fair amount more than you or I do. So I’m going to figure he probably knows what he’s talking about.

  • Ian, you might think that Steve Yzerman has been around hockey longer than we, but you’d be wrong. I’ve had every EA Sports Hockey video game since ’93, including the ones where they took out fighting. While Yzerman has that stupid “genuine, hard-earned hockey wisdom”, I have an overabundance of arrogant bluster to compensate. Winner is clear.

  • miah

    The fact that you think Mikegreenlife52.com is “Canada’s Best Defenseman” pretty much nullifies any hockey cred you have. Actually, the fact you are a Caps fan does that, but you even made a shirt? Wow. The Norris? This is a joke, right?

  • Jordan


  • rico

    please, greene “defense” is a joke. if you’re putting together a lineup for the skills competition, then, you include mike greene, ovechkin & kovalchuk. you want to win hockey games against the best players in the world? then you bypass greene in favor of more complete players. yes, i know kovalchuck & ovechkin are playing for russia. that’s exactly why washington fans will root for them, and why they’ll never beat canada. it’s the same reason that these morons think that every NHL playoff game will be a 7-5 barn-burner, and the same reason that washington lost last year and will lose again this year.

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  • The Russian Machine wants to know if you guys are from Canada or don’t have tv sets, because you clearly have not seen Green play much if you think he can’t play defense. Even as an example tonight, he layed out multiple Senators and was in terrific defensive positioning all night. He’s a +15ish. He’s very, very strong in the corners. And oh yeah, he can join the rush if needed. We’ll even quote from this nhl.com column, which talks about their All-Snubbed Team for Team Canada:

    “Mike Green – When it was announced that he failed to make Team Canada, his detractors piled out of the woodwork to explain the decision. “He fell apart in the playoffs last season.” “His defensive play is suspect.” How quickly people forget this guy was a Norris Trophy nominee last season as one of the three best defensemen in the NHL. Now he’s not one of the seven best defensemen in Canada? Somehow we’re going to find a spot on this team for Green, who scored 31 goals last season and is on pace for 20 more this season. His plus-15 this season is fifth among defensemen. Yeah, we’ll take him on our team.”


  • PMac

    This is about putting together a team to win a short tournament.
    It will be physical as they’re playing on the NHL-sized ice for this Olympics, so they wanted to protect themselves by picking 7 D-men that can play physical hockey, if not always then at least when they need to.

    Yes, Green is great on the power play but how many points would Keith or Boyle score playing in D.C. with Ovie, Semin, and Backstrom?

    Green can play in 2014 when Niedermayer and Pronger are retired.
    He’ll only have to beat out Phaneuf and Bouwmeester 🙂

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