The first dog to ever sport a RMNB T-Shirt

Yes Fido, you are suffocating in Awesome!

Another T-Shirt Tuesday is among us my friends. And this week I learned something that I never thought I’d know: How a dog looks in one of my T-Shirt Designs. Wow. The look in his eyes says it all: Please kill me now! I’m suffocating in Awesome!

We wanted to extend a huge thanks to Reader Courtney for modeling our entire line of T-Shirts and to our good friend DookFn who became the first person to invade Verizon Center with one of our Tees! I mean hell, they’re no Chad Dukes (meaning they know something about hockey), but we’ll take what we can!

To see everyone who has modeled in our t-shirts thus far, please join our Facebook Fan Page and take a look!

Check out all of the new photos below the jump and yes, this is your cue to buy yourself a RMNB Tee and support your fellow starving artists.

Courtney modeling our Russian Machine Portrait T-Shirt

Courtney modeling our Canadas Best Defenseman T-Shirt

Courtney modeling our RMNB Logo T-Shirt

DookFn Invades Verizon Center with the Russian Machine Portrait T-Shirt

  • Aww, look at my Bailey Monster! He loves the shirt. And Chimera scored 30 seconds after I put it on him, so I think it’s a rally shirt…at least when he wears it! When we’re down, the shirt’s going on the dog!!!! I’ll have to put my other dog in the inSEMINation shirt and take a pic! Maybe Sasha will get the first Caps trick of the year!