Bruce Boudreau WTF T-Shirt

If you’re Bruce Boudreau, you’re livin’ large. You’ve got a Book Deal, a budding acting career, a Bobblehead, a Jack Adams Trophy, and the two-time NHL MVP on your team. How could life be any better? It’s hard to say.

But realistically, even with all of those luxuries, you’ve still got some problems. BIG problems. Like your GM just signed a guy barely playing NOW to a two year contract, you watch your team get beat up every fight it accepts, and your number one goalie has been out half the year with a multitude of weird, crotch-related injuries.

So if you’re feeling like Bruce is feeling after your “other” star winger gets whistled for another offensive zone penalty in the third period, then protest along with Gabby, and buy our WTF T-Shirt, available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes. Also available in Blue and White in Men’s and White in Women’s.

Protesting bad ice, a flat beer, or a nasty breakup with your girlfriend after you find out she’s cheating on you with the Capstronaut, has never been easier – or more stylish with this tee!

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We only dedicate our talents to creative genius. And with Bruce Boudreau’s line of fantastic television commercials with Mercedes Benz of Alexandria, you get just that.

You Had Me At No Problem – Celebrate the fixed cost of your new automobile, by purchasing this You Had Me At No Problem T-Shirt! Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes. Some wonder what Bruce’s secrets are. Wonder no more. You say the right things. Bruce agrees.

What About The Cupholders T-Shirt – From my favorite all-time commercial, comes our T-Shirt “What About The Cupholders?!” Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes, get a head start on your ironic June T-Shirt shopping when the Washington Capitals inevitably win the Stanley Cup. Also, What About the Cup Holders was the runner up on our blog name.

You had me at no problem Bruce Boudreau T-Shirt Bruce Boudreau What About The Cupholders T-Shirt

Lastly, we wanted to officially announce that a portion of our profits, will be donated to Olaf Kolzig’s Athletes Against Autism Foundation at the end of the year. Also, there’s one more t-shirt coming. Check back at gametime tonight!