The Significance Of Blogs In The Mainstream Media


Seriously. Someone buy this newspaper!

Allow me to break into the excellent coverage Peter provides on the Capitals to discuss the significance of blogs in the mainstream media.

I am a newspaper reporter, so it may surprise many of you that I even know what a blog is.

The general consensus of blogger nation seems to be that newspaper reporters don’t understand online media, and that’s why our industry is “dying.” I bring this up because the folks at Camden Chat ripped me apart for a negative column I wrote about how much the Orioles are going to stink this year. Basically, one of the commenters said negative columns like mine are the reason why the print industry is dying.

Allow me this rebuttal.

Russian Machine Never Breaks is one of of the best focused local sports blogs you are going to find. My brother Ian is an outstanding designer who knows how to draw traffic to a Web site. The writers here are proven commodities who are giving you reasons to check in daily. Guess what? Unless Ian is stiffing me, which is entirely possible, we’re not making a dime. And without Comcast, The Washington Post and other news agencies who cover and broadcast the Capitals on a daily basis, our fine bloggers would struggle to provide information.

Blogs are wonderful. I’ve contributed to several in the last five years both for company newspaper sites and independent ventures like this one.

But make no mistake: The print and broadcast journalism industries are still here providing the news and leading the fray. The information-hungry world needs all three, and hopefully we can find an advertising model that allows all three to function as this economy starts to turn around.

And I suppose I should finish this post with some sort of Capitals insight. Here’s what I’ve noticed lately: Mike Green scores more goals than Joe Reekie ever did. It’s remarkable.

Now go buy a shirt so my brother can pay me. I really want an iPod Touch and/or an Andre Johnson T-shirt (I’m a Redskins fan, but he’s my returning stud in keeper league fantasy football). I’m dependent on you guys for helping me get this stuff.

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