To our surprise, the Russian Machine awoke this morning (okay, 1PM) to quite possibly the greatest email he will ever receive since starting this blog a few months ago. It read, simply: “TheHornGuy is now following you on Twitter!” See below:

The Horn Guy Follows The Russian Machine On Twitter

Yes, after multiple failed attempts to get his attention (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), some soul-searching, giving up, and then trying again, The Horn Guy, el toot de extraordinare, is now following us. Commence celebrating… now!

Why is this important? Why are we so happy? Check out why below the fold:

If The Horn Guy is a Caps Superfan, then the Russian Machine is the biggest superfan of this Caps Superfan. Get it? Confused? Ok, we are too. But does it matter?

A hero of man, the most bad ass of Red Rockers, The Horn Guy is the epitome of what the Russian Machine hopes to be considered someday: A leader in expressing Caps Love in a Creative Way.

The Horn Guy is so vital, Wikipedia even mentions him on its Verizon Center Page:

Two notable fan fixtures at Washington Capitals games at Verizon Center since the late ’90s include Goat and The Horn Guy. “Goat,” aka William Stilwell, sits in Section 105 and loudly stomps and starts cheers for the team, with his loud voice that The Washington Post once called “the loudest voice and stompiest stomp on F Street.” “The Horn Guy,” aka Sam Wolk, sits in section 415 and blows out three blasts on a horn to which the arena responds “Let’s Go Caps!,” a chant that can be heard during radio and TV broadcasts, home and away.

We wanted to thank Sam for taking the time to meet us at the JapersRink/PuckDaddy get-together last Thursday (photo shown below), and for his dedication to our favorite team. I don’t care what anybody says, The Horn Guy is responsible for at least 27 Caps victories over the past decade because of the energy he gives to our players.  Those three loud blasts stir us in a deep dark place that the Capstronaut will never reach.  For that, Horn Guy, we love you.

The Horn Guy Poses with Russian Machine Never Breaks Founder Ian Oland

What rocks the red and has two thumbs? Blogigarch Ian Oland (left) and TheHornGuy (right).

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Horn Guy, please do the following:
Check out the Caps Road Crew Website he & his wife startedFollow Him On Twitter | Follow Him On Facebook after You Follow Us |  Read about him on the DC Sports Bog | View His Deviant Art Profile

  • Don’t forget that Horn Guy and his wife are responsible for the Caps Road Crew, which is a great way to see out of town games! I was with them for the 8-2 trouncing of the Flyers back in December. 🙂