Semyon Varlamov and his father Alexander.

Semyon Varlamov and his father Alexander.

[Ed Note: Below is a translated interview between Andrei Babeshkin and Semyon Varlamov’s Father Alexander that was published earlier this morning (go here for Russian Link). In the short Q/A they talk about what we should expect from Varly in the Olympics and the oddness of 2 Samara-natives being named on the Olympics Team. Check it out.]

At the end of December, Semyon Varlamov was named one of 23 candidates for the Russian National Team for the Olympics. But I was surprised. I thought that Bykov would include Eremenko instead of Semyon because of his experience and the KHL Team he’s playing for (he’s currently coached by Bykov on Salavat Yulaev). It seems that they talked with Vladislav Tretyak and decided that they will indeed count on Varlamov.

Andrei Babeshkin: In Nabokov – Bryzgalov – Varlamov trio Semyon will be the third goalie?
Alexander Varlamov: I don’t like this talk that he’ll only sit on the bench. Remember World Championship-2009 [Ed. Note – It was actually 2008]. Semyon was injured and had to come back home. That was situation when all goalies were injured. Coaches had to recall Biryukov and hope that Nabokov will come from the NHL. Injuries are not so rare in hockey, things could change in one minute.

Andrei Babeshkin: Two goalies of the team – Varlamov and Bryzgalov represent the Samara Region. Is that odd?
Alexander Varlamov: Yes. We didn’t have a goalie school and don’t even now. Togliatti had a great hockey school and if it isn’t saved, it will be tragedy for the region and Russian hockey. In terms of Semyon, I’m very happy that he left Samara for Yaroslavl at the right time. The conditions weren’t right for him to develop his skills optimally here. I think that when a player turns 11-12 and the parents see the talented player he can turn into, they have to take him away to another city or club.

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