Was Mike Green’s Suspension Too Harsh? Vote Below.

Since everyone is discussing on Twitter, please let us know what you think of the Mike Green suspension. What would you have done? Here’s the Russian Machine’s Take. Lastly, if you want to help Mike Green make up for the 81k he lost due to the suspension, please buy these autographed bobbleheads from his online store for $80!. We only need 1,000 of you to buy to make it happen. Easy.

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  • Sherry

    of course it was too harsh for all of the reasons you already said

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  • Peter

    I’m really impressed that so many people agreed that the suspension was warranted.

  • I would choose “Suspended Mike Green 1 game w/o pay and make him donate his winter hat collection to charity” but that wasn’t an option. So I just chose the 1 game suspension.

  • Thanks for voting, Jenna! I’ll say this, a 1 game suspension is a good choice. I don’t want to speak for all the writers of RMNB, but I was fine with him being suspended, as a blow to the head is really never acceptable – intentional or not. But 2 games max. I don’t understand at all why the NHL thought sidelining him for 3 games was rational. But oh well. Probably no one in this region does.

  • We could always go over to PensBlog and find out just why he should have been dealt a 5 game suspension. I’m sure they would love to share their views.

    I was surprised to see that most people felt the suspension was warranted. Okay, well, I’m still a little surprised to see that I feel that way, lol, but you’re right. Headshots, whether intentional or not, need to have consequences. But for a first-time offender? Three is a little steep.

    But! Considering the boy doesn’t seem to have an ounce of sense (I love him, I do, and anyone who has seen my twitter feed knows this), I’m not going to worry too much that he’s sitting out three games. Mr “I’m okay, it’s just that my arm is in a sling, but I can play” needs the healing time.

    I’ve changed my mind, by the way — I’m not sure which charity would benefit from that hat. Let’s have him burn it instead.

  • Bobbielynn

    I would say 1 game w/o pay. He did get his elbow up, and even though I love Greenie, and he’s pretty much my favorite, I agree with the league, in a way. I do think 3 games is a bit too much, but like I said, he got his elbow up a bit, and after looking at again and again, I’m sure he didn’t mean it, but it still happened.