Russian Machine Never Breaks We Want Wings Tshirt

Caps Nation has chicken wings fever, and we’re happy to report that that isn’t a new infectious disease. No, we’re ensorcelled by the high-scoring Washington Capitals who, for the 10th time this season, have scored 5+ goals at a home game. The lovable fools at Glory Days Grill will trade game tickets in for a plate of scrumptious buffalo wings (see RMNB redeem ours). To commemorate the hunger for copious goals and wings alike, we have added this stunning shirt to our repertoire:

The We! Want! Wings! tee is cut from only the finest cottons to keep you at the peak of comfort whilst chanting from the upper bowl of the Verizon Center. When the score is 4-2, and you don’t have dinner plans for tomorrow night, this shirt will bestow magical powers unto players like Mike Green or Alex Ovechkin. BAM! 5 goals and free wings.


The “We! Want! Wings!” T-Shirt is available in Red for Men, Children, and all of our Lady Fans out there. HOLLA. Visit our Store and Buy now.