Nate Ewell: “Sunday’s Game Remains as Scheduled”

Per a Capitals press release: “As of 10 p.m. ET Saturday, the Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game scheduled for 12 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 7, at Verizon Center remains as scheduled. The Penguins are en route to Washington, D.C., and are expected to arrive tonight.”

We here at RMNB have also been observing the Penguins travel plans throughout the day, and it’s been brutal (Thanks for the heads up from On Frozen Blog):

  • The Penguins flew out of Montreal earlier today and arrived at the closest airport around DC, which was located in Newark, New Jersey
  • The Penguins then took a bus out of Newark and are set to arrive at a DC hotel at 1:30am
  • They are then scheduled at 9:30am to take a bus from their hotel to the Phone Booth for tomorrow’s game.

For the fans who are going to try to travel on the terrible roads tomorrow and try and make it to the game, please be very careful. Drive safe. Drive slow. For everyone out there who doesn’t have electricity, we here at RMNB feel terribly for you and hope power is restored soon. We admire both teams resolve to get the game in tomorrow, and the fans/media members we’ve observed so far who are still gonna try and make it. One such example is friend of the blog, Dan Steinberg, who is considering walking 3 miles to his nearest Metro to cover the game.

Finally our deepest condolences are extended to JP of Japers’ Rink and his potentially lost computer. His power went out earlier today, and he can only load his operating system via safe mode when the power’s actually on. Though this is what happens when you don’t own a MAC, JP we seriously hope you get it up and running 100% soon.

Everyone stay safe and warm.

Lost in Russia: Alexandre Volchkov

Alexandre Volchokov: We'll Never Forget. (RMNB Graphic)

Alexandre Volchokov. Hopefully the beard symbolizes maturity. (RMNB Graphic)

Widely regarded as one of the biggest busts in NHL history, Alexandre Volchkov was the Washington Capitals 4th Overall Selection in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft. Then he proceeded to play in only 3 games for the NHL Club, never registering a single point. For those whose memory of Volchkov is fuzzy, let’s let the wonderful Wikipedia fill in those blanks:

“Volchkov was a talented right-winger who put up impressive offensive numbers while playing junior hockey for the Barrie Colts. Washington management were well aware of Volchkov’s attitude issues, but decided that his talent overshadowed any potential problems. Offensively gifted, the enigmatic Volchkov never reached his potential as a pro due to his poor attitude. In one incident while playing with the Capitals’ minor league affiliate Portland Pirates, he walked out on the team during a playoff game.

Having had enough of his poor attitude and chronic underachieving, the Capitals traded Volchkov to the Edmonton Oilers on February 4, 2000, for a fourth round draft pick, but he never played with the parent club. Former Oilers’ GM Kevin Lowe, then the team’s coach, recalled his first training camp meeting with Volchkov in which the player insisted on being referred to as The Volch-inator. After just twenty-five games with the Oilers’ minor league affiliate Hamilton Bulldogs, team management soured on his poor attitude, and he returned to play in Russia.”

Where’s The Volch-inator now? Surprisingly he’s still playing hockey! We had Fedor search through a bunch of Russian and Belarus websites. And this is what he found.

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