Let's go Russia Flag

First, RMNB taught you how to correctly pronounce the names of some of Team Russia’s Best Hockey Players. After the significant attention our post received, we figured our readers desired to learn more. So today, RMNB is going to teach you how to root for the Russian National Team in Vancouver with style. Yes that’s right, like a Ruskie! Take it away Fedor.

Are you fan of the Russian Hockey Team? Are you going to root for Russia in the Olympics? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then you’ll probably be interested in the most popular fan chants in Russia and how to pronunce them. I’ve included easy and difficult chants.

“Вперёд, Россия!”
“VperYOOOd, RossIya!”
“Let’s go Russia” (Special Note: triple vowel means looong sound. CAPITAL vowel means stress.)

This is the Main chant. If you’re a little confused on how to pronounce “YO” (∏), check out our post here.

“Мы приехали, чтобы победить, чтобы победить, чтобы победить”
“MIII priiiEEEhali, chtOby pobedIt, chtOby pobedIt, chtOby pobedIt”
“We came here to win, to win, to win”

This is a pretty long and difficult chant, but let’s try it anyways! This is one of the main chants that Russians do during games. You know the song by the Beatles called “Yellow Submarine”? Russians generally sing this chant with the chrous of that song. I don’t think there’s anything too difficult to pronounce here.

“Шайбу! Шайбу!”
“ShAAAybu! ShAAAybu!”
“Puck! Puck!” [our exclaim to get the puck]

100% classic Russian hockey chant. Easiest way to support!

“Верим в команду”
“VEriiim v komAAAndu”
[We] “Believe in our team”

This song fans use when team is losing. [Ed Note: Welp, we won’t be needing this one.] Best way to show your support when game isn’t going good for the team.

Lastly, we need to educate you on the flag we generally use, which is shown at the top of the post. It’s a combination of the Russian Flag, a crazed, blood-thirsty bear (which is our national symbol), and Russian Text which says “Let’s go Russia.” Soccer fans actually used this at a game between Russian and England. It was the biggest flag ever used in a sporting event.

So now you are ready to root for Team Russia! Check in tomorrow, as the writers of RMNB will share our Olympic Hockey Predictions with you. Also, check out Melissa Allen’s Ovechkin artwork below to get you in the spirit!

Melissa Allen shares her Russian Pride via this illustration.

Melissa Allen shares her Russian Pride via this illustration.

  • Chris

    Here’s a photo of the giant flag at the soccer game. Great post. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RussianBear.JPG

  • R17a

    Вперёд Раша – победа будет наша (vperYOOd rAsha – pobEda bUdet nAsha) = GO Russia – the victory will be ours.

  • Jordan

    what russian for go malkin? 🙂

  • Peter

    Well said, Jordan.


  • Monika

    What’s Russian for “Who’s Your Daddy, Sidney?”

  • Monika,

    Let’s not use Mike Milbury quotes as weapons. It lessens all of us.


  • FedFed

    “Sidney, kto tvoy papa?”
    Jordan, are you Jordan Staal?

  • Monika

    @RMNB: For a guy from Boston, I’m surprised MM said that out loud on the air. (Well, not really.) But yes you are right and I am chastised.I just find it hard to believe SC isn’t grown up enough to live in his own apartment. So yeah, he still does need a daddy….