Alex Ovechkin: I WILL CRUSH YOU (Photo: / Getty Images)

Alex Ovechkin mentally crushing you (Photo: / Getty Images)

While TJ of Alex Ovetjkin has been absolutely tearin’ up the Translation Game right now for The Olympics (check out his awesome work here), the Russian Machine has taken a more gradual approach. Unlike TJ, we prefer Fedor continue to eat meals, sleep 8 hours a day and exercise. So tonight, we present Artem Zagumennov’s interview with Alex Ovechkin after he immediately got off the plane to Vancouver. His article was published on yesterday morning.

Below the jump, find out about Alex Ovechkin’s SHEEP-CRET, who he partied with on the plane over & how many sticks he brought to Vancouver.

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Wednesday Webhits: Who’s Going To Bring Home The Gold?

Wednesday Webhits - Who's going to bring home the Gold

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another Wednesday Webhits! The big topic of the week is obviously the Winter Olympics, and Puck Prospectus has given us a nice break-down of the top four Olympic hockey teams from a statistical perspective. And don’t worry, this post is not all about international competition, as we also take a look at the top scoring blue lines in the NHL, the top individual scorers (naturally with a healthy Washington presence), and – in a follow-up to a link from last week – what the optimal shift length should be. (Take note Sashas)

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