Alex Ovechkin: I WILL CRUSH YOU (Photo: / Getty Images)

Alex Ovechkin mentally crushing you (Photo: / Getty Images)

While TJ of Alex Ovetjkin has been absolutely tearin’ up the Translation Game right now for The Olympics (check out his awesome work here), the Russian Machine has taken a more gradual approach. Unlike TJ, we prefer Fedor continue to eat meals, sleep 8 hours a day and exercise. So tonight, we present Artem Zagumennov’s interview with Alex Ovechkin after he immediately got off the plane to Vancouver. His article was published on yesterday morning.

Below the jump, find out about Alex Ovechkin’s SHEEP-CRET, who he partied with on the plane over & how many sticks he brought to Vancouver.

Artem Zagumennov – People greeted you here like a president. Is it unusual for you?
Alex Ovechkin – Yeah, I’m not the president, I don’t need this welcome.

AZ – Tell us, how was your flight?
AO – Good, I was with Semin and Varlamov, Backstrom and Fleischmann flew with us as well. It was fun, although most of the way I was asleep. [Ed Note: I find this hard to believe]

AZ – You came off board and are now in a party.
AO – Yes, you’re right. That’s how it should be.

AZ – It had to feel that you are definitely at the Olympics…
AO – Yes, it was immediately obvious. A lot of fans, a lot of Canadian flags, a mass of people who recognize me on the street. This is Canada, the people here are crazy about hockey.

AZ – Fleischmann already disclosed the secret that you’ll play in skates with special “speedy blades.” Is this true?
AO – No…

AZ – No?
AO – Honestly, it’s still a secret.

AZ – Did you prepare something special for the Olympics?
AO – Yeah, but you’ll see, I won’t tell.

Ovechkins SHEEP-CRET Russian word ovechka means little lamb

Ovechkin's SHEEP-CRET? Russian word ovechka means (cracked out) little lamb. (Photo by Pavel Lysenkov)

AZ – In Torino you brought 19 sticks to the games. How many now?
AO – 42 (laughing). No, seriously, 24.

AZ – How’s the weather in Vancouver?
AO – It’s OK for the hockey players, we’re playing indoors, but I think for the skiers it’s not.

AZ – So you’re not amazed that it’s winter now and at the Olympiad there’s no snow?
AO – Sometimes this weather happens, and we can’t avoid it. It’s Vancouver, can you imagine what will happen in Sochi?

AZ – I guess, you’re not acclimated, your flight was short though.
AO – Yeah, sure, I’m not acclimated yet. [The flight’s] hard for other guys, but not for us. All is close here and we’ll get used to Vancouver conditions soon.

AZ – Who will your roommate?
AO – Nikulin.

AZ – What were you talking about for so long with Proshkin?
AO – It’s a secret.

AZ – Have you decided how you’ll celebrate your goals?
AO – Well, you first need to score, then you celebrate. And how – this is the second question. Generally it’s better to celebrate wins, not goals.

AZ – In Canada you’re getting special attention, everyone talks and writes about Ovechkin. What do you think about it?
AO – Well, just no one has arrived yet. They have to talk about someone, they chose me.

AZ – Can you compare your feelings before Vancouver with your feelings before Torino? You were just 20 years old then, now you’re a star.
AO – Yeah, when I came to Olympics at the age of 20, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Since then, I have become more experienced. I went through World Championships, Stanley Cup playoffs. I have grown up vastly in terms of experience. My feelings are very different.

AZ – Do you feel any psychological pressure because you’re the main hope of the team and everyone is expecting incredible play by you?
AO – The main thing is expectations should be on the team, not me personally. No one here needs personal stats.

AZ – How many kilograms of muscles (Ed Note: FEDOR THIS ISN’T LBS) have you added in the last 4 years?
AO – Ugh, I don’t know, I have to take a look at the stats.

AZ – Where’s the stick you scored in Torino Olympic quarterfinal against Canada with?
AO – I don’t know, I didn’t save it. I collect sticks of other players, not my own.

AZ – You’ll live in the Olympic village together with Crosby and other Canadians. On the ice it’s a war between these countries, everyone wants a Canada-Russia final. What’s it like for you?
AO – I think, we’ll talk normally. Maybe everyone wants a war, but it’s too early to talk about it. Anyways, Olympics won’t hurt our relationships, there’s a big difference between the rink and real life.

AZ – Three games without goal heading into the Olympics, can you explain why it happened.
AO – I’m saving it up for the national team! I’ll try to end my goal drought and start to produce goals again!

During the rest of The Olympic Games, make sure you check out Alex Ovetjkin, The Washington Post’s Heavy Medal Blog & Alex Ovechkin Spotlight page (hey that’s us!), Tuvanhilbilly’s updates on Japers’ Rink, and Russian Hockey Fans everyday for all your Team Russia/Translation Needs. Until tomorrow, we say goodnight and Sweden Rules too!

  • Your Nation’s Capital

    A guy was at the Vancouver airport when Ovi Force One landed and he reported by Twitter that Captain Ovechkin got all of his Caps teammates’ bags off the luggage carousel for them.

    This can only mean one of three things:

    A, Ovi’s just a standup guy and wanted his mates to know he had their backs.

    B. He made sure Varly and Semin’s bags were secure, then smiled at the pretty attendant an voila! Backis and Flash’s bags got reticketed to Stockholm and Prague.


    C. He lost a bet.

  • The answer HAS to be C.

  • Your Nation’s Capital

    No diggity, no doubt.

  • Canada

    ahhahhahahahahah tooo bad Russka stinks…7-3 u guys are an embarasssssssment…Ovechkin is a no show and the russian team is a bunch of bums. ahahahahh CANADA!!!!!