Alex Ovechkin in Win against The Czech Republic

Russia defeated the Czech Republic 4-2 today and it was Alex Ovechkin’s “Hit Heard ‘Round Vancouver” that forced the key turnover from Jaromir Jagr. That hit in fact led to the Game Winning Goal by Evgeni Malkin and millions of mouths – across the world – left agape in wild disbelief. So obviously, after Ovechkin’s Herculean Feat, the media was quite excited to talk to the Russian Machine. They had many things to ask. Sadly, he was not as excited to speak to them, much like the rest of the Russian Team. Can you say “Is Party Now?”

Via Greg Wyshynski on Twitter:

Ovie takes about a minute of Russian questions, and blows off. Ditto Malkin. Ditto 99% of the roster.

Well RMNB’s got Ivan Kalashnikov’s brief article from the Press Conference via

Alex Ovechkin – I made that hit against Jagr almost automatically. I’m glad that we were able to score in that attack. After game me and Jagr embraced – he bears no grudge against me. It’s hockey, it’s Olympics – anything may happen here. I didn’t try to play for myself. We’re a team, 23 players there and everyone is ready to play 100% in every moment.

Also, via Dmitry Chesnokov’s Twitter, we pieced together the other questions Alex answered:

Q: Why didn’t you hit Jagr so weak that he returned to the game?
Alex Ovechkin: [15 second pause] I just couldn’t. I couldn’t.
Q: Tell us about the hit.
AO: Every moment is imortant. You try to help your team and play physical, and when it happens the team wakes up.

Finally, we have a few reactions from Jaromir Jagr after the game via Dmitry’s Tweets once again.

Jagr to SovSport: “I wish I had a concussion. That way I would forget Ovechkin quicker.”
Jagr on the hit: “I felt pretty bad. I couldn’t play for some time. Without a doubt that was the key moment.”

We’ll be interested to see the North American Media’s reaction to this in the coming days. After Ovechkin completely dissed Scott Burnside a few days ago in the “Mixed Zone” – which led to this post of anger – it seems like Ovechkin is leaving himself up to a lot of criticism by ignoring some of his biggest supporters in America. Someone get Nate on the phone!

  • Peter

    I’m totally fine with Ovie and the Ruskies blowing off the media right now. Keeping their heads in hockey seems wise.

  • Tim

    Bravo Ovie! He is there playing for his home country. And that as we all know country is #1. While it would be nice to hear from him; I have no doubts that the National, local media, and CSN will “beat him to death” about the Olympics when the NHL resumes.

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