This Guy Wants to Suspend Ovechkin for Palming a Camera

Edward Fraser (left) of The Hockey News, apparently not a GR8 fan

Edward Fraser (left) of The Hockey News. Not a GR8 fan.

In a blog post for The Hockey News, Edward Fraser lays into Alexander Oveckin, following his recent incident with some dude with a camera:

. . . it’s [a] very disturbing turn to apparently physically assault an onlooker, no matter whether the camera-person was a fan or member of the media and no matter how he was provoked.

Fascinating stuff.  You see, if an organization like RMNB (hi, Mom!) says something as asinine as, “clearly he’s become beaten down by the burden of being a superstar,” you can be sure that we’re blowing smoke up your hiney.  But The Hockey News is supposed to be a respected journalistic institution.  Maybe we should just give the guy with the perm and ugly necktie over there the same measure of empathy that the creepy person with the camera did not afford A.O.

What do you think of Ovechkin’s alleged simple assault, Edward Fraser’s screed, and RMNB’s lack of journalistic integrity?  Please share below.

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  • Sherry

    I feel like Ovi has been carrying the weight of the world (or at least Russia) around on his shoulders the last couple of weeks , cut the guy some slack, none of us were there…… I think we have all (myself included) spent too much time discussing this video

  • Kalyna

    worst case Ovi probably broke the poor girl’s heart. but suspension? really? LOL as for fraser, but a bag over his head and take his username/password away.

  • They are treating the players like a Hollywood celebrity. I am sure if I were as well known and just lost [I also has a super-short fuse] I would be such an ass to everyone. But Ovie kept it sorta low-key so I don’t think he should be suspended for showing raw disappointment. People need to keep in mind that losing affects the mood [pretty much everything] too. You can’t really be very light-hearted when you and your country were just eliminated from the Olympics in your sport. And suggesting a suspension is ignorant and totally re-tard. (BTW, getting a “bruise” will not kill you unless you have a disease so I don’t see the point at all in a suspension.) It’s not like he pulled a Tie Domi or anything… There is really no need for discussion. Nothing happened.

  • FedFed

    I still can’t understand – how League can control players’ behavior outde of the ice and during break?
    League is NOT police!!!

  • hans

    Should Ovie have pushed the guy? Of course not. Is it excuasable? Nope, he should have more control of himself. Is this Fraser chump just pandering to Ovie haters for attention? Obviously. What a hack.

  • mcognac

    I hope they are joking! Someone filmed him without his permission and continued to do so after he almost smashed their camera. Yeah, his reaction wasnt the best, it doesnt warrant a suspension!

    People need to stop assumming that athletes/celebs are obligated to pose for pics or give out autotgraphs. I realize that they lose some privacy doing what they do, but they are also entitle to have a nice dinner, enjoy a drink or be angry without having someone in their face.

  • Megie

    Some people still annoy him. I don t wonder his reactions. He is best player and he stays best player!!!!!