Trade Deadline Time - Is Eric Fehr Getting Traded?

Hockey fans everywhere now turn their lonely eyes to the General Managers.  Nearly every club in the NHL wants to make some kind of move, and the Washington Capitals are no exception. Who’s packing a bag? Who’s coming to DC?  Let’s take a look!

On The Block

5. Karl Alzner
 $875,000 – RFA in 2012
21 GP 0 G 5 A
Our Analysis:
Karl Alzner – at 20 years old – is the only defenseman from the 2007 draft class to have ten NHL games under his belt– a remarkable achievement. However, King Karl’s Top Prospect status has started to fade with inconsistent performances and a -2 plus/minus rating in his second pro year in the Washington system. In our minds, Alzner’s no longer a sure thing. Is it merely a Sophomore Slump or something deeper? It’s impossible to know, especially when most NHL Players don’t fully master the position until their late twenties. But there’s one thing for sure; with John Carlson’s rapid development, Alzner has been passed as the most untouchable defensive prospect on team. And with the tremendous amount of backline depth in Washington, Alzner’s potential return may never be higher.

4. Shaone Morrisonn
$1,975,000 – UFA in 2010
51 GP 1 G 9 A
Our Analysis:
Despite being on the first pairing with Mike Green for most of his Capital career, Shaone Morrisonn never really played the part. Sorry to be so harsh, S-Mo. Sure, there’ve been some good moments. But to be frank, for a stay-at-home defender, Morrisonn’s not that great of a defender. And certainly not worth the $2 million we’re currently paying him. GMGM knows the Capitals still need a gritty defenseman who can clear the crease with a vengeance and physically dominate another team’s top line in the playoffs. Too bad Morrisonn never developed into that guy.


3. Brendan Morrison
$1,500,000 – UFA in 2010
62 GP 11 G 23 A
Our Analysis:
The other Morrison had a great start to this season. Almost all of us praised George McPhee for this sage offseason signing!! But we here at RMNB must painfully ask: “B-Mo, what have you done for us lately?” And sadly Morrison’s 2 goals and 9 assists in his last 34 games are not gonna cut it. Though he’s eighth on the team in points, Morrison’s production is a huge problem if you’re considered to be the second line center of the highest scoring team in the league. We think B-Mo is a big candidate to be moved tomorrow. Maybe the Caps can deal him and a draft pick for a 2nd line center. One can dream, right?


2. Tomas Fleischmann
$725,500 – RFA in 2010
51 GP 18 G 25 A
Our Analysis:
Flash has quietly turned into one of the Capitals best players this year. And if you watched the Olympic Tournament last week, you’d say the same about his value to the Czech National Team. With two goals in the remaining 20 games, Fleischmann will pass his career best mark for goals in a season (19). We predict it’ll happen by early next week. The best part? Flash has gotten better in every aspect of his game each year. So why would the Capitals consider moving such a valuable player? Because of what he could bring back in return. After Bruce Boudreau experimented with Fleischmann
 at center a month ago, it was evident that Flash was not that second line center the team needed – despite an early string of promising games. Oh, those pesky faceoffs get in the way of everything, right? When the smoke clears however, we here at RMNB think Flash will still be in the line-up against the Sabres tomorrow. Why? 1.) He’s a RFA this year and the Caps can afford to sign him long term; 2) It’s hard to get a fair return on a guy with so much talent and creativity. As Fedor says it, he’s a universal player: one in a million. But those might be good reasons to trade him as well.


Yes, I'm trying to tug on your heart strings.

Yes, I'm trying to tug at your heart strings.

1. Eric Fehr
$771,500 – RFA in 2010
51 GP 15 G 14 A
Our Analysis:
Congratulations Eric Fehr, you’re number one on our list. What do you win? More than likely, a trip out of town to a rebuilding team that won’t make the playoffs in the next three years. Bummer, dude. No wonder you don’t want to pick up the phone tomorrow. Despite owning a Brandon Wheat Kings hat (Fehr’s junior team) and just absolutely loving this guy more than life itself, I think there’s no better player to unload. He’s cheap, he’s an RFA, he’s having his best season as a Capital and he loves country music. What could better unite a troubled lockerroom than that? If the Caps are willing to part with Fehrsie, they should get good compensation back. Could it be that elusive top defenseman we were whining about earlier?

As for our stone cold locks on what’s going to happen tomorrow, we really have no idea. Sorry, we’re not that kind of blog. Honestly, I would never want to play poker with George McPhee. His icey stare would eat me alive.

What we can do is start terrible rumors. We are that kind of blog. Earlier in the day, in the spirit of Eklund, I asked our fans on Facebook (join us!) to submit the most ridiculous trades they could think of for the Capitals. Our submissions: Lecavalier to the Caps for Brett Leonhardt and his DJ’ing equipment. And so desperate for a defensive boost, the Capitals trade the horn guy for Erik Johnson’s skates. They force Tom Poti to wear the skates in the hopes that Johnsons’ aweseomeness wears off on Poti. (Not a bad idea.)

Here were some of our favorite submissions from our followers:

  • Neil G: Slapshot and a Simon Cowel Black Smedium T-shirt to OTT for Carrie Underwood
  • Michael H: Experience>>potential. John Carlson to Atl for newly signed Chris Chelios
  • Manda K: Craig Laughlin for a Filet-O-Fish Sandwhich and a Garden Salad.
  • Monika M: Semin for a rinkload of Bongos.
  • Peter’s Girlfriend Erin: Trade Peter Hassett to The Pensblog for a years supply of Chipotle. (Blasphemous!!)

Have a better deal? Let us know!

Lastly, if you were in a coma all day, these are the deals you missed on the glorious day before the deadline:

To PIT: Leopold, to FLA: 2nd round pick 2010
To STL: Fallon, to CHI: Toivonen, Richmond
To EDM: 2nd round pick 2010, to NSH: Grebeshkov
To CBJ: Moore, to NYI: Reese
To ATL: Artyukhin, to ANA: Oystrick, Conditional pick 2011
ATL signed Chelios
To BOS: Kampfer, to ANA: Conditional pick
To OTT: Sutton, to NYI: SJS 2nd round pick 2010
To PIT: Ponikarovsky, to TOR: Caputi & Skoula

Have fun refreshing Capitals Insider tomorrow all day waiting for the first deal to land! We’ll be there clicking away too!

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re 0 for 5.

  • FedFed

    I wanted to addPothier as #5 but i thought “Who needs him with 2,5M$!”