D.C. to NHL: We Want the Winter Classic

“On Tuesday, Ward 4 Councilwoman Muriel Bowser introduced a resolution saying the District wants the NHL to choose D.C. and the Caps to play in the 2011 NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s Day — either at RFK Stadium or Nationals Park.”

via D.C. to NHL: We Want the Winter Classic | NBC Washington.

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  • Peter

    RFK > Nationals Park.

    A hockey rink (~200 ft.) fits better into a football stadium (~360 ft.) than a baseball diamond, but RFK is ugly and OLD. But RFK has a higher occupancy (50k+) than a baseball field, so I’d be able to get a ticket!

  • But “old” is the new “new?” Right?

    I am with you on more seats = better chance at a ticket. Plus, I think Nats Park is kinda jinxed.

  • Jordan

    Why can’t it be on the Mall?

  • @Jordan

    You’re my kind of crazy.

  • Rick

    I thought DC had a good shot at the getting the Winter Classic… but now that the DC council is involved, I have my doubts.

  • Tim

    I would hope for Nats park. . .its the newest stadium in MLB, and has the best fan views, there is not an obstructed seat in the house, and I would argue its the more “comfortable” of the two venues, and has better access to the metro.