Walker Scores Two! Caps Beat Lightning 5-4!

CSN Graphic Fail- Mike Green's Gigantic Floating Head

In their first game with the Capitals, Scott Walker, Joe Corvo, and Eric Belanger got a close-up look at what we’ve been seeing all season: The Caps play the most exciting breed of hockey in the league. In tonight’s narrow win over Tampa Bay, the home team battled through a series of staggered goals, a lengthy penalty snit fit, Mike Green’s gigantic floating head and quiet play from the team’s stars to beat the division rivals.


  • Waste engineer Mike Knuble once again gives the Hat Trick his bedroom eyes but cannot seal the deal. Let’s not act as if his umpteenth two-goal night was a disappointment, but you all know you reached for your baseball caps after number two.
  • The Washington Capitals have a rabid offense, and that might be intimidating to a new guy. By the third period, Scott Walker seemed to get the hang of it though. His two backhand goals had just enough English on them to reach the back of the net, and that was the difference between a win and a loss. Welcome on board, dude!
  • The Lightning exploited their first two power plays, and it only took them 30 seconds combined. By that point, Tampa Bay was linger barely under 50% efficiency on the PP for the season. So when Mike Green, Brooks Laich, and Tom Poti coordinated stupid penalties (Okay, Green gets a bye) in the second period, I thought the Caps were in deep trouble. And that was before Nick Backstrom broke his stick. It could have spelled disaster, but Backy was willing to tenderize his rear end to stop the pucks.
    The reason why the Capitals won tonight...

    The reason why the Capitals won tonight...

    Thanks to that Swedish hiney, the Caps stumped a motivated Bolt PP unit.
  • Why did CSN do this? You know that’s going to give me nightmares. I suppose it could have been worse
  • Alexander Ovechkin again had a quiet game. He looked great, but he didn’t put anything up on the scoreboard. Is it too early for us to be concerned? Is Wilbon going to write about this?
  • Wild stat of the night? Boyd Gordon was 12/14 on faceoffs.
  • I’m so excited.  We had an RMNB We! Want! Wings! shirt sighting tonight.  Thanks a bunch, @losaah!  To commemorate we’ve marked down the Wings shirt to $12.95 until midnight.  Get ’em while they’re hot!
  • There are nights when Alexander Semin is the greatest hockey player on the ice. We’ll let you when those nights start happening again. Mech!

There’s so much more to talk about. Joe Corvo seemed like a good fit on special teams. John Carlson had some sloppy giveaways in the first period and is at risk of being downgraded from Captain America to USAgent if it keeps up. Brooks Laich and Lightning goalie Mike Smith clearly hate each other. Varly looked pretty sharp, but has more gaps in his game than we’d prefer. And the Caps give their fans wings from Glory Days for the 12th time this year. Not bad.

The Caps have won their last 12 games at home, and home is where they’re playing their next four games. March is looking good for the Washington Capitals.

  • Bobbielynn

    I’ll tel you what, after Knuble scored his second, I was sure ready to find a hat and throw it at the television. It’s a shame he didn’t get the trick, but he played great out there.
    Walker sure does seem to be fitting in well, wouldn’t you say? And he’s got a pretty wicked(yes, I said wicked) backhand.
    Nicky’s rear-end seemed to play pretty damn well out there tonight. I got scared when I saw his stick break, but after he blocked those shots, and Varly covered the puck, was it just bme, or did anyone else say “Thank you Nicky!”?
    Ovie had a few nice shots, but besides that, I’m honestly glad to say we didn’t hear much from him. Not that I wouldn’t have loved to see him get some points, and some sweet hits(it did look to me that him and Downie shoved at each other a bit, and they could have went at it, not likely) , but it was good to see that you didn’t hear his name, and the team made it out alive. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s not the teams top player, and that’s he not amazingly awesome. I mean..seriously, it’s Ovie.
    Gordon remains to be awesome at winning faceoffs. It’s good to know we’ve got a couple of the top guys in the league at that.
    There were a few times when I saw Corvo had the puck, and all I could say was “Shot it, you’ve got a nice shot!”, but I’m not sure if he got one on net or not. He did have a nice shot that went high and wide, but I guess if it went high and wide it wasn’t a nice one? Oh well, it looked nice to me.
    Varly looked a bit shaky at times, but he made good saves when they were needed.
    And what is up with Laich and Smith? Since when can’t you bump into the goalie a few times? Oh…right. Meh, oh well. Smith should give Brokies a little shove the next time it happens, instead of smacking his helmet out of the net like a child, the way he did.

    And, off topic, but during one of the intermissions, did anyone else see the highlightes for the Pens VS Rangers game? How about that cheap shot Crosby gave Lundqvist? He sure is lucky he didn’t get his head knocked off for that one.

    And to finish it off with the Caps.. another win at home! Re-setting the record for wins at home, in a row of course. I’m looking forward to see it go on, and looking forward to see many more wins at home, and on the road as well!

  • @Bobbielynn,

    I always love your take. Thanks!


  • Sherry

    I always love reading what you guys have to say!! and the added humor is a bonus!!

  • I like that we’re still winning and the big guns aren’t firing on all cylinders yet! Just makes us that more dangerous and potent when they do start connecting. They’ll find their groove just in time for the playoffs. Then we’ll see a whole different animal! Can’t wait!

  • Manda

    After another blocked shot, I appreciated the palpatable frustration on Ovie’s lips when he mouthed a very clear, “Unbelievable”. He gets annoyed in English. Cool.

  • Cherno

    I love how I read through about 15 articles on this game today and not one mentioned how terrible Poti was in this game. I attribute the 1st, 2nd and 4th goals to his mental lapses. Tie up your man in front of the net and cut off passes to the slot – this isn’t rocket science. Also his high sticking penalty was the result of failing to clear the puck out of the zone multiple times and when he had more time and space. Poti can be downright awful – ask any Rangers or Islanders fan.

  • Бойтесь 8!

    Great article and website. One of the best Caps sites I’ve seen. It’s only one game, but it looks like McPhee knew what he was doing. As usual.

  • Victoria

    Insightful and amusing as always. Thank God you aren’t blocked by the websensors at work!

  • yuk

    Found accidentally this site and really enjoying your takes, humor and comments, that mostly reflects what I thinking/seeing on ice and around, may be will start leaving my comments also. This is tweaking time for Caps. Trying to play playoffs defensive away game in Buffalo and offensive at-home, both still need some improvements to become scary playoff machine lead by relentless captain who also tweaking his shots/games. “Cherno” is right about Poti he has serious defensive problems, exemplified and maddening with Pens here, where he and Sloan should get 3 assist points from Pens.

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