Theodore and Caps Shut Out Rangers 2-0.

Even Rangers Fans heckle John Tortorella

Because we’re all getting laid tonight, our gamer is gonna be up very late. So while we’re gone, let us know what you thought about the Caps 2-0 victory. And oh yeah, Jose Theodore’s third shutout of the year. WOOOOO!! Special Thanks to BoycottSnyder for the photo.

  • Mark

    CSN Freeze Frame of the Year! Awesome…..truly captures stereotypical Rangers fan.

    Sidenote of the night, do you think they’ll still have mustaches in 15 years?? Serious question….. you have to admit, they’ve been dying off in record numbers in the past 15.

  • megan

    seriously an amazing photograph… that guy has been working on his tom selleck moustache since the ranger’s last stanley cup.

  • hahahahaha. Oh megan, FTW.

    Mark – the porn stache will never die. What’d you think of the game tonight? Did you hear Al Koken and Nate Ewell say that the Caps are giving Carlson a chance to stay with the team the rest of the year. Last year, I called it with Varlamov. This year I called it with Carlson. GMGM you are predictable!

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