Is Alex Ovechkin The Russian Destroyer?

After seeing this video today by Loffen, we think yes. This incredibly awesome clip includes almost every hit Alex Ovechkin has given out in his entire career AND a Metallica song. What’s not to love? NOTHING. WE’LL ANSWER THAT FOR YOU. Anyways, please watch Loffen’s Masterpiece entitled: Alexander Ovechkin “THE RUSSIAN DESTROYER” above.

  • Sara Bae


  • MoniMaz

    great music, great vid. i love how Ovi just plows through everyone. i like this style. and when they try to hit him, THEY go down. LOL

  • Rick

    Great stuff… but the song should have been a Russian one. Maybe Olaf singing “Beezerker” from the movie Clerks….

  • Peter



  • Graham

    Ummm, where’s the Jagr hit from the Olympics?!

  • NIck

    need to update this to include the jagr hit in the olympics and the one against hal gill (disallowed goal) earlier this year.

  • Nathan

    Would have loved to see the Jagr hit end this…awesome job!

  • JKP

    awesome! Now they just need to add the smackdown he gave to Jagr!!

  • A few things: A.) We didn’t make the video. Just want to be clear on that. B.) The video was made earlier this year from what I can tell from youtube. We just thought it was awesome and worth sharing. Thanks for all the comments though! You guys rule.