Nathan Burchfiel Presents The Barackstronaut

Look everybody, it's the Barackstronaut

We’ve already gotten a few outstanding entries for our Barack The Red call for Artwork. But the first entry I thought was worth sharing comes above from Nathan Burchfiel who has created The Barackstronaut. YES! LOOK AT HIM GROOVE!!

Anyways Caps Fans, from now until the end of the regular season, if you’ve got a clever and humorous way of artistically showing Barack Obama as a Capitals Fan, please shoot it our way. We’ll put it up on our Petition Page (please join if you haven’t yet) and you’ll be entered to to win our grand prize – a free t-shirt from our store. If you place in the top 5, your work goes on the Barack The Red website. Keep the artwork coming!

A Screenshot of Barack The Red

We keep hearing that the Capitals are the talk of D.C. sports. Going to a game is now the hip thing to do. Red sweaters haven’t surpassed power suits in prominence, but it’ll happen eventually. So what could cement Washington’s reputation as a hockey town? Well, a Stanley Cup, sure. But also, we really want President Barack Obama to rock the red!

Russian Machine Never Breaks is proud to announce our new initiative…


Our intention is to get POTUS into the Verizon Center for a Caps game. Our mini-site is dedicated to this proposition. It is there you can find our Obama video, our open letter to the President, and much much more.

Caps Nation, We can pull this off. Go join the Facebook group today, print off a copy of the letter and send it Barack’s way, and make some artwork. Most of all, spread the word. If we can convince the most powerful man in the world to support the most powerful team in the NHL, good things are bound to happen.

Special thanks to Tim Montenyohl for creating the video, Peter Hassett for all the fantastic writing & the support of my friends and family. I couldn’t of done it without you.