A Screenshot of Barack The Red

We keep hearing that the Capitals are the talk of D.C. sports. Going to a game is now the hip thing to do. Red sweaters haven’t surpassed power suits in prominence, but it’ll happen eventually. So what could cement Washington’s reputation as a hockey town? Well, a Stanley Cup, sure. But also, we really want President Barack Obama to rock the red!

Russian Machine Never Breaks is proud to announce our new initiative…


Our intention is to get POTUS into the Verizon Center for a Caps game. Our mini-site is dedicated to this proposition. It is there you can find our Obama video, our open letter to the President, and much much more.

Caps Nation, We can pull this off. Go join the Facebook group today, print off a copy of the letter and send it Barack’s way, and make some artwork. Most of all, spread the word. If we can convince the most powerful man in the world to support the most powerful team in the NHL, good things are bound to happen.

Special thanks to Tim Montenyohl for creating the video, Peter Hassett for all the fantastic writing & the support of my friends and family. I couldn’t of done it without you.

  • Tim

    Please don’t even try this. It’s bad enough I have to see him everywhere else, don’t ruin the game I love that way.

  • J_D_P

    Bad initiative. Do not want.

  • John

    Everything he touches goes to sh!t; ask the Kentucky Wildcats. We outta keep him as far away from Verizon as possible.

    On another note, I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t attended a game yet. He is very image driven and I doubt attending the hottest ticket in town would do anything but help him out.

  • Adam

    I hate that “going to the game is now the hip thing to do.” You shouldn’t be going to a game because it’s trendy; you go because you want to support the most exciting team in the NHL and be a part of the incredible atmosphere in the Phonebooth. That “hipness” is the very reason the suits outnumber the red – because it’s the hot ticket in town and they want to impress their clients / rent-a-dates / fellow bandwaggoners by overpaying for tickets to a game they don’t even understand.
    I love that the VC is packed, but I can do without the constantly-talking suits on their Blackberries the whole time who boo offisdes calls.

  • Adam

    Oh, and on the attendance of POTUS – I don’t want him there if he has to be cajoled into attending. The Caps are the #1 team in the NHL and far and away the best sports team the DC area has. If that’s not enough to make him want to attend, then we don’t want him there. That goes double for the playoff games if he can’t manage to get over to the VC during the regular season.

  • Ari

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I completely support you and there are lots of us. Yeah, security would be a hassle, but to have the leader of the free world at a Caps game would just be cool. Get over it, haters!

    And where’s the t-shirt? I’d buy one of those.

  • Jimmy

    I agree with Adam. Don’t need all the “hip” people there just to be seen.
    Also I don’t need all the extra security involved.


  • rockcreek

    Russian Machine SCORE! Awesome video. Thanks again.

  • Ovie fan

    I am totally against this effort, sorry. Obama is a curse for the candidates and teams he backs; ask Martha Coakley, Jon Corzine and Creigh Deeds. Also, we want real fans who love the game, not people who are coming because it is trendy. And, I agree with the other post, we see him everywhere, let’s keep the games a refuge from Obama. And, if there is any lesson from the past year, he just really isn’t that good a president or really that special a person.

  • cuphungry

    if NHL didn’t scr*wup schedule between caps and hawks in DC rather in chitown. POTUS would attended.

  • pete

    he better get there before mid-may, or it’s “wait ’til next year…”

  • JF

    how could barack the red(and i do mean red) pass up the chance to se his comrades play. but watch out , he may see something that isn’t being taxed enough. after all ,that ice down there isn’t green.

  • Mike

    No thanks. I’d rather have someone who likes hockey attend than someone who is doing it because it may increase his popularity. Let him go to basketball games and sit in the crowd. Bad enough that we’ve got one attention whore (Capstronaut) in the crowd…don’t need a second.

  • ken

    People, first of all… if Bush hadn’t have gotten us into two illegal wars, we would have all the money we needed to support all government programs AND cut taxes. And feed the hungry.

    And why all the hate here? It’s a very humorous campaign.. Obama’s attendance wouldn’t skew the ratio of hardcore fans to johnny-come-latelys. He’s one person.

    All attention is good attention. $$ to the organization means $$ to resign Backstrom, Semin, etc… and keep them here for as long as possible.

    Why do people hate the Capstronaut? He’s unique, funny, and appropriate. The astronaut is considered an American hero, and we’re representing the nation’s capital. I LOVE that this team, its building, and its fanbase has developed such personality.

  • J_D_P

    Ken you are a complete moron if you think $$ from the gate translate to $$ to Backstrom. The team is a success. The money that goes to salary is not dependant on gates. Please go into deep hibernation. And RussianMachine, reconsider this “initiative.”

  • thanks for that

  • Timothy Oh

    Let him come

  • Ken, you are the complete opposite of a moron, and I love you. It takes real courage to post, especially when 3 or 4 people now want to burn us to a stake. So thank you. I completely agree with your comment. We really weren’t making a political statement and believe that any president – republican or democrat – who attends the Verizon Center for a hockey game will give positive exposure to the NHL and the Washington Capitals. And Ted Leonsis agrees with me. So really, that’s all I need. LET THEM HATERS HATE.