Alex Ovechkin Suspended For Two Games …And Why Not?

The world is not fair.  Our man, Tarik El-Bashir, broke the news a few minutes ago:

Ovechkin has been suspended two games by the NHL.

Fresh-faced dynamo or redivist thug?

Fresh-faced dynamo or recidivist thug?

Alex Ovechkin‘s hit on Brian Campbell, which left the recipient with a broken collarbone and an super-sized off-season, has been adjudicated by NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell and his trusty pile of chicken entrails.  Two games off seems to represent an understanding that there was no intent to injure, but that A.O. is not a first-time offender as well.   It’s not a large enough sentence to sate the trolling haters to whom we shall not link, and it’s probably too severe for apologists like Mike Milbury and everyone hanging out on the #Caps hashtag. So now we all get to be grumpy!

Those missed games, both away from Verizon Center, will be against the Panthers and Hurricanes. Unless he quits the NHL and signs with Metallurg Magnitogorsk tomorrow, Ovechkin should return Saturday at Tampa Bay.

Your reactions, bile, hatred, condolences, recommendations for downtime activities, and sorrow are welcome in the comments below.  We will be spending the next couple of minutes composing a litany of foaming rage so potent it may render you sterile.  So …look forward to that.

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