Alex Ovechkin Suspended For Two Games …And Why Not?

The world is not fair.  Our man, Tarik El-Bashir, broke the news a few minutes ago:

Ovechkin has been suspended two games by the NHL.

Fresh-faced dynamo or redivist thug?

Fresh-faced dynamo or recidivist thug?

Alex Ovechkin‘s hit on Brian Campbell, which left the recipient with a broken collarbone and an super-sized off-season, has been adjudicated by NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell and his trusty pile of chicken entrails.  Two games off seems to represent an understanding that there was no intent to injure, but that A.O. is not a first-time offender as well.   It’s not a large enough sentence to sate the trolling haters to whom we shall not link, and it’s probably too severe for apologists like Mike Milbury and everyone hanging out on the #Caps hashtag. So now we all get to be grumpy!

Those missed games, both away from Verizon Center, will be against the Panthers and Hurricanes. Unless he quits the NHL and signs with Metallurg Magnitogorsk tomorrow, Ovechkin should return Saturday at Tampa Bay.

Your reactions, bile, hatred, condolences, recommendations for downtime activities, and sorrow are welcome in the comments below.  We will be spending the next couple of minutes composing a litany of foaming rage so potent it may render you sterile.  So …look forward to that.

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  • Florida must have the best nachos in the world.

  • @MoniMaz


    ##@**& %^$#@! &&^&% %@$!% ^%$ $***& NHL &&&^%#@(( COOKE **&%!!)$$###@ ANTI-OVECHKIN $^)!(&&^S.


  • Jon

    Fine by me. Gives Ovi some time to prep his playoff beard.

  • Chris

    One word… Cooke??? This is absolutely terrible by the league. Rule on the situation not the result…

  • Manda

    @Eric. Good way to look at it. I feel a RMNB t-shirt design coming on…

  • @Manda, Are you psychic?

  • Jen

    I didn’t like the hit. And I’m a borderline Ovie apologist. Thought the 5 and a game may have been harsh, but not exactly out of nowhere.

    And forget comparing this to Downie on Crosby, or Cooke on Savard. But please, Colin Campbell, explain to me this:

    In December David Koci, in a game the Avs were losing 5-0, runs Mike Green into the boards from behind, gets a 5min major, a 10min misconduct (and another five for having to fight Erskine). HE GETS NO SUSPENSION.

  • FedFed

    I hope, angry Ovi won’t kill stupid Crosby. I HOPE, but not sure.

  • Katie

    it was a love tap and nbc made it a point to show that ovechkin lifted his glove to apologize! but i suppose ovechkin does have the “record” and he was probably suspended because it was shown on nbc…but he was so far away from the boards. i’m just going to go ahead and blame nbc on this.

  • Peter


    Thanks for the even-keeled thoughts, but this is the place for DIRE RAMBLINGS ABOUT THE END OF THE NHL AS WE KNOW IT. Common sense belongs somewhere else.


  • Jen


    Oops, sorry.


  • WashCapsRock

    Um explain to me how the guy who hands out the punishment can be neutral when he has a kid who plays on the team the Caps play next????? Puhlease! Here’s hoping Ovi motivates the guys from behind the scene and gets some rest. The NHL sanctioning body is inconsistent and pathetic at best.

  • Tim

    One word. . . .BULL$HIT

  • Bart

    Just be glad the NHL refs don’t have to judge fouls or traveling in the NBA. Goat entrails, tea leaves, stars; all no good there.

  • yuk

    What I (Ovi) can say :.”…WHEN I THOUGHT I’M OUT OF THIS, THEY PUUUULL ME BACK!!!!” (Godfather, p.3). For poor Alex the Great worshipers what’s left is to request from him and start chanting not less then TWO HAT-TRICKS after return in a row against Bolts (remember last game there in January?) and Pens here, in regulation in the last! i will buy and bring in Verizon specially for this a hat!!! That would be ” I am BAAACK!”

  • Manda

    @RMNB Just hopeful : )

  • Бойтесь 8!

    New penalties Campbell is considering: “skating forward too fast” (minor), “skating backward too fast” (minor, but double minor if in the judgment of the referee it prevents the opposing team from scoring), “shooting too hard” (minor, but 5 and a game misconduct if injury results), and for goalies, “making too good a save” (minor, but game forfeiture if in the judgment of the referee the save is ‘incredible’ and prevents the opposing team from scoring the game-winning goal in overtime.

  • Just got to work. Reading all of the articles written about Alex’s suspension and my blood pressure is rising. Fast!! Pretty sure the first person who pisses me off today will feel my wrath. In a strong way. I wish I could say what I really want to say, but I’ll get a security violation for “offensive language”.

  • I’m just pretty bummed that Ovie won’t be playing on my birthday, this Thursday.

    The NBC announcers even were surprised for Ovie’s ejection and commented on how the rules for hits are unclear. And since the powers that be are still working on coming up with what to do in each hit situation, it’s confusing the refs. So out of confusion and lack of any other instruction, the refs just boot the player of question. I don’t understand why there can’t be a better way to handle things while the rules are still being made as to how to handle hard hitting. And why is it taking so long to create a new set of rules?! It’s not like hard hitting is a new concept to hockey, anyways.

  • Peter


    Well said. I have to sympathize a bit with the refs because they were in a crappy situation. There’s a ton of scrutiny on them, and there’s obviously some confusion in enforcement policy. As soon as it was clear that Campbell was severely injured, they probably felt obligated to give the boot. The refs aren’t free from blame (nor is Ovi, completely), but the problem definitely starts with the inconsistency at the very top of the league.

  • BobbyG

    I’m not an Ovie apologist, just a die-hard hockey fan who’s fed up with all the hate and vitriol thrown his way as a result of his hit on Campbell. I don’t want to join the message boards just to endure the flame wars. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.

    Just to keep this short and on point: I don’t want Ovie to change his game one iota. He plays with reckless abandon, yes, but no one can question his love of the game. His enthusiasm is infectious. The charges of being a dirty player are growing tiresome. I just want the league office and non-Caps fans to allow him be himself. He is a unique and very special player; there’s no other player with half his charisma combined with awesome talent and jaw-dropping skill.

    If he makes a mistake, let him get penalized and be done with it. The constant harping and sniping are growing old by the minute. I don’t believe for a second that he intended to injure Campbell; he was suspended for the resulting injuries. I hope Ovie comes back even more determined and ferocious than ever, within the NHL rules of course. I hope his ultimate statement will be to lead the Caps charge through the playoffs, a Stanley Cup championship, plus the Conn Smythe trophy,

    I apologize if this post is too long. I just wanted a place to vent. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Peter


    Well said. Thanks.

  • BobbyG

    Back at you too Peter.

    I just had to say something because I’ve become fed up about the hypocrisy and hand wringing over Ovie’s hit on Cambell and others. Some of the same people who once complained about how soft European players are compared to North American (CANADIAN) players are now in an uproar over Ovie’s style of play.

    IMO the Canadians can’t stand the fact that Ovie has taken their physical game, combined with his incredible skill, and thrown it back in their faces. Canada can have vanilla Crosby; I’ll take the passionate and intense Ovie over him any day.