We here at RMNB are creative. Peter Hassett is an incredibly gifted musician (here’s one of my favorite songs), Fedor stays up and watches Caps Games live in Moscow at 3am even when he has school a few hours later, Neil is a master of the English language, Stevie K. has a weird fascination with numbers and I’m marginally unterrible at what I do. The point being we love, love, love creativity.

So naturally, when Taylor P. sent us an email with all of her beautiful Capital Player artwork attached, we had to put it up. Check out the rest of her work below the jump and make sure to let her know what you think in the comments. Here, we’ll start you off: “Wow, Taylor you’re awesome.”





New Drawings as of 4/10:



  • Taylor

    Thanks guys! (:

  • Priceless work. Taylor, amazing job in capturing the guys, they are fantastical! The [beautiful] attention to detail on the masks are worthy of me being super-crazy jealous, ’cause I could never ever do that in a million years. From one wannabe-artist [me] to a very good artist [you]:
    You did a great job in drawing [and not to mention my pet peeve: coloring] the Caps.

    It’s really nice to see people’s work of art and people expressing themselves in different ways. Creativity FTW!

  • wtg Taylor

  • Rockn’ The Red in VA

    AMAZING! Just amazing work Taylor. Keep up the great job!

  • Claire

    you are so amazing and i can’t wait until i can see the pictures. why are you so creative and fantastic? 🙂

  • WashCapsRock

    Love love love these. Well done Taylor!

  • FedFed

    Incredible! It’s just splendid! I need Neil’s English to say how much I LOVE it!

  • hahaha, oh Fedor!

  • Sara Bae

    how old is taylor?

  • Don’t know. Yo Taylor, how old are you?

  • FedFed

    @RMNB My main (and only) talent is to watch games at the night!

  • Taylor

    I’m 15. Thanks for the love everyone (: ♥

  • FedFed

    Taylor, We’re almost of the same age!
    I thought you’re proffessional painter who graduated in college…

  • Taylor

    hahaha, not a chance, thank you so much.

  • Lol. Woah. Taylor, Feds, I am around your ages too. Heehee. 😛

  • Jordan

    Just curious, why is there a picture of Carey price on a Caps blog?

  • HokiesCapsGirl

    These are amazing! I love when someone can bring two things they love together! I especially love the second to last of Varly, the detail on his mask is phenomenal!

  • Taylor

    It’s not price, its theo.
    Oh thanks! yeah, the mask took forever.

  • breaklance

    I really really like the Ovechkin and Theo-in-toque ones. You get a real sense of the style in them. Reminds me very much of Take on Me music video by A-Ha also parodied in Family Guy in that its that its like sketched pencil frame by frame stills. Great Job!