The Curse! Sens Beat Caps 5-4 (OT)

Our view of tonight's disaster

Our view of tonight's disaster

Tonight the Capitals played one of their worst games all year.  Miserable on offense and defense alike; at least they’re consistent.  We had some bright spots from Alex Semin and Mathieu Perreault, but a systemic problem cannot have an exceptional solution.  The Senators beat the Capitals with 18.9 seconds left in overtime– 5-4.

Unfortunately, attending tonight’s game precludes us from writing a full recap, so we’ll try to sate you with some tweeple giving us a hard time for being unlucky.

thornbury @russianmachine Stop going to games!

DookFn RT @russianmachine: Welp, that just happened. <You are NOT allowed to attend playoff games.

pbsenerchia @russianmachine Was pulling for you to break the jinx. Alas, you are banned from the building throughout the playoffs – cept Wiz games.

Emily_Karol Dangit #CAPS !! And @russianmachine you are bad luck… FYI

capsforthecup @russianmachine and the streak lives.

elegantsoviet @russianmachine Perhaps you should forgo attending games from now on? 😉

Funployee @russianmachine I love you, but stop going to games. For real. xD

hmabb I blame @russianmachine. #caps 😉

Thanks to the lovely folks we met at my very first “tweetup.”  Shout out to Tony, a reader who turned 25 today and was getting drunk with his dad at the game. Sorry to the guy in 106 Y sitting behind me– I can’t help but stand when something crazy-awesome happens.  And thanks to Ian, K, and Megan, for being terrific company and putting up with my grumpiness.

We’ll have more reflections on the game, and some pretty awesome media, coming later.

G’night, all!

  • pbsenerchia

    We need to find someone with good magic to break the curse BEFORE the playoffs. Or if you keep your promise to attend no more games, and we end up winning the Cup, make sure you get to kiss it in return for your sacrifice.

  • CapsFan1975

    Or should I start wearing green to games instead of red?

  • FedFed

    Unfortunately I can’t make a trip right now LOL so look for another one with the good magic… Dwight Howard? He’s good, and he’s Magic.

  • Бойтесь 8!

    I strongly disagree with most of the posts on the Curse. According to Seinfeld, everything evens out. Therefore, you should exorcise the curse by going to all the remaining home games. Then, after the curse is purged, you will have omnipotent Caps mojo, so you should attend all playoff games except the first away game in each series, thus assuring that the Caps will win each series and the Cup on home ice (assuming they win the President’s Trophy; if not, adjust your game attendance for Cup finals).

  • CapsFan1975

    Yes, we all know that a team’s performance in a small sample of games is not necessarily reflective of their overall performance.

    The more games you attend, “regression to the mean” will take place and the winning percentage will approach the team’s actual winning percentage.

  • BobbyG

    While a small sample fo games is usually not reflective of a team’s overall performance in the regular season, that’s not true come playoff time. Have a few bad games in a playoff series, and you’ll find yourself playing golf a lot sooner than you wanted or expected.

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