Point/Counterpoint: Mike Green Ditches the Media


It’s the last day of school at Kettler Capitals Iceplex today, and there’s a little bit of summer drama in the air.  While his teammates were getting interviewed (and sometimes skewered)  during the end-of-season press conferences, Canada’s Best Defenseman Mike Green quietly left without speaking to the media.

Mike was held goalless in the losing playoff series against the Montreal Canadiens and was a crucial ingredient in both Habs goals in game 7.  What does his absence today mean?  Peter Hassett and Neil Greenberg take sides and battle-rap it out below.

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Hershey Advances To The AHL’s Eastern Conference Finals

Mathieu Perreault praises God after scoring the game winning goal in OT. (Photo by The Patriot-News)

Mathieu Perreault praises God after scoring the game winning goal in OT. (Photo by The Patriot-News)

Tonight, the Hershey Bears rallied to win 5-4 in OT and swept the Albany River Rats in their second round series four games to none. With the thrilling victory, the Bears now advance to the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals for the fourth time in five years! HERSHEY RUSSIAN MACHINE NEVER BREAKS!

Left Wing Chris Bourque accumulated a third of his 15 total points in the playoffs tonight, as he scored or assisted on every Bears goal. He finished the game with 2 goals, 3 assists and 5 points. Bourque scored at 8:23 in the first period and then again 59 seconds into the second frame. However, the River Rats answered each of Bourque’s talleys with two goals of their own, and entered the third with a commanding 4-2 lead.

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A Final Update On Caps Prospect Dmitri Orlov

Dmitri Orlov

RMNB’s Fedor Fedin has followed Dmitri Orlov everywhere this year (including Siberia and even a Moscow Bathroom). Now that the Novokuznetsk Bears’ season has finally come to an end, Fedor’s here to provide a final review of the season-that-was for Orlov which includes some interesting quotes, statistics, photos and videos. Take it away, comrade!

First of all, we wanted to point you to the summary of Orlov’s KHL Regular season by Championat.ru:

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Game Diary: Caps-Habs Game 7: Well, that sucked

Real men keep diaries, and I am no exception. Taking one to Game 7 might seem a bit extreme to some of you (maybe not to Emily as you’ll soon see) but I knew it was going to be an emotional night and wanted to make sure I captured every detail.

I had reservations posting my entries from last night online, mostly because some say my relationship with my diary is unhealthy eccentric, but I was coerced promised RMNB an exclusive story of the Game 7 experience, so here it is:

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2009-2010 Washington Capitals: Rest in Peace

Alex Ovechkin Skates with his head down as the Canadiens Upset the League's Best Team in the Playoffs (Photo by Nick Wass)

The Montreal Canadiens have made fools of us all, worshippers of a false idol, suckers swindled by snake oil salesmen.  Jaroslav Halak and his Habs bested the Washington Capitals in these conference quarterfinals, and we now stare down the long, lonely hallway of the offseason.

Anger, despair, confusion; I know you’re feeling one of these.  I am, too.

But let’s– just for a moment– try to fill the night with humility.  The Montreal Canadiens are a wickedly savvy team, and they slayed the dragon tonight.  Congratulations to the opponent.

And let us feel gratitude, too.  Despite what you think of the last seven games (and you’re not alone), we must stand in admiration of the Capitals’ effort this season.  They did the impossible so often, an average game became an aberration.  For every high five and every chest bump, the human contact we direly miss tonight,  we thank them.

So go shave, my friends.  We’ll talk again soon.

This Will NOT Be the Lasting Image Of My Summer Vacation


The Habs have the Capitals on the ropes after 40 minutes of play. Will the best third period team in the NHL comeback one more time?

10PM Update: No.

#beardpact Week 3: Not the End.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to write here. How could I sum up the anxiety and uncertainty about tonight’s game 7? Will it all end tonight? Will our beards not reach biblical proportions?

We say NO. The Caps have won their last 4 Wednesday games. Tonight shall be no different. The boys in red will prevail, as will our facial hair.

Our beards cannot give up, they cannot surrender. My beard is only a faint glimmer of its full potential. Besides, girls seem to think my beard is cute, and I WILL NOT let that go away. This #beardpact must survive the night, there is no other option. May my razor rust and all my neighbors think I’m a danger to their kids before I have to shave this beard.

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Caps – Habs Game 7 Preview: The Mix Tape

Caps mixtape_500px

When you love something, you can either:

    A) Set them free. If they return, they truly loved you back. If they do not return, hunt them down and shoot them.

    B) Make them a mix tape.

Since going to jail would make me miss the rest of the NHL Playoffs, let’s go with B.

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The Capitals New Good Luck Charm?