Me Laich-y! Caps Beat Bruins 3-2 OT.

Me Laich-y. Brooks Laich Scores The Game Winner in Overtime. Caps Beat Bruins 3-2.

Weird bounces, Long goal reviews & Floating Pucks. What a fun night. (Photos by Nick Wass)

Weird bounces, Long goal reviews & Floating Pucks. What a fun night. (Photos by Nick Wass)

Funny isn’t it that the Capitals and Bruins will meet twice in the last week of the regular season before playing one another in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If tonight’s game sets a precedence for next week, we’re due for some entertaining hockey.

Tonight’s victory over Boston saw goals from fan favorites Nicky Backstrom, Mike Knuble and Books Laich, who secured the overtime gamewinner. Despite the everpresent physicality of Zdeno Chara’s bleeding nose and the dynamism of Patrice Bergeron, the Caps emerged victorious. Three games or bust.

  • Tonight’s line up merits comment. Mike Green deserved his well-earned rest, while Scott Walker returned to active play. Brendan Morrison remains MIA, but we’re in no rush to have him return.
  • Actually, nevermind. His replacement at 2nd-line center, Tomas Fleischmann, won a dismal 33% on the faceoff dot. I love the guy, but Flash needs to get his groove back, and it will not be found at center. Or will it?
  • Nick Backstrom got three points tonight– a goal and two assists. I mention this not because I’m surprised, but because I am now certain that Nicky is deserving of fame far exceeding that which he is currently granted.
  • Is there a player on the Caps roster who plays with more consistent oomph than Brooks “You Can Just Get Lost In His Eyes” Laich? His overtime in-your-face-goal is just another exhibit in the mountain of evidence that Brooks wants to win more than any other player out there. Maybe the Caps were coasting without Brooks, but when he’s around, they go to the net.
  • More on that Laich character. We can’t get over the full cage he’s wearing to protect that beautiful chiseled face of man. So when we prompted the ladies if Brooks Laich in a full cage was cute or simply the cutest ever, we got some hilarious responses. Some of our favorites were “more like cant wait for him to get it off to see his face again“, “ADORABLE. he looks like a babyyy“, “Cute, but without it is cutest ever“, “I would say that Laich has trumped Michelangelo’s David…even with the busted face“, “it makes me think of the cone a dog wears so it doesn’t chew its stitches” & “ew“. Awesome.
  • John Erskine and Tyler Sloan are mighty fine gentlemen, and I think that I would enjoy a frosty draught with either one, but give me Milan Jurcina or John Carlson any day.
  • Ian has repeatedly said that players like David Steckel are crucial to a prosperous postseason.  Judging by Davey’s PK effort tonight, we agree.  On the other hand, Stecks was just as bad as Flash on the faceoff (33%).
  • Wouldn’t tomorrow night be wonderfully exciting if “Crazy Legs” Braden Holtby started in net?
  • RMNB mathman Neil Greenberg was at the game tonight, but who wasn’t?  How about President Barack Obama, whose first pitch at the Nats game sailed so far wide left that I can already imagine the next batch of Tea Party protest signs.  NO POLITICS, PEOPLE! THIS IS HOCKEY!

Well, we are now down to felt as they say. Three games separate the Washington Capitals from what should be a historic post-season. And don’t say “an historic”– that’s stupid.   While I’m a proponent of the “win everything” philosophy, I’m willing to concede that Bruce Boudreau’s hockey savvy exceeds my own.  Let’s just establish a bit of the big Mo’ before next week. A 10-0 shutout of the Penguins in Braden Holtby’s NHL debut would suffice.

  • “A 10-0 shutout of the Penguins in Braden Holtby’s NHL debut would suffice.”

    Greedy! I’d settle for 9-0 myself…and good stuff from the ladies on Laich’s cage. I heartily concur! He is both adorably adorable with it on and a million times better without it. Doesn’t stop him from going to the net, though, and that’s the most important part.

    Nice recap 😉

  • @ Becca omg I love the adorably adorable quip. You’re wonderful. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  • Brooksie, it’s oh so good to have him back in front of the net, doing what he does best. Looking good(wearing a cage or not), and scoring goals.
    I’d say, Nicky needs to keep this up. Maybe he can keep getting points, and make a run at Ovie for points scoring before the season ends. 3 games left, anything can happen? I’m all for seeing it happen.
    It killed me, literally, not being able to see Greenie out there tonight, but he has deserved the night off for some time now. And he’ll need his rest for tomorrow when he comes back and scores, and lands some awesome hits on Crosby.
    I’ll be greedy with you, and say I’d like to see that 10-0 shutout for Holtby.

    Favorite for the night from RussianMachine would have to be
    Keep up the great work guys! 🙂

  • HAHA! LOOOVEEE that comment “it makes me think of the cone a dog wears so it doesn’t chew its stitches”… Because I think Brooks Laich reminds me of George Washington, Now, he is just George Washington MINUS the powdered wig, but PLUS cage!

  • Caitlin

    “Nicky is deserving of fame far exceeding that which he is currently granted.” Amen to that. That dreamy blonde hair swede deserves so much more recognition then he gets! O and as far as Brooks Laich goes… hockey cages never looked so sexy.

  • @Sara Bae Thanks! I thought I made a pretty clever comparison. 🙂

  • madcap

    Yeah, it was a good win,I am especially impressed with Jose tonight…he made some HUGE saves!!! Beauty, eh? The Caps would have lost without him tonight! Nice work team!!

  • madcap

    Me Likey!!!

  • BobbyG

    It was a good win. Ovie got two assists so it’s not like he isn’t producing. I’d like to see him score more goals, but given the choice I’d rather he save the monster games for the playoffs.

    I must have missed this somewhere, but can anyone tell me how Ovie got the nasty cut on his right cheek? Since he wears a visor, I can only assume someone got his stick up in his face.

  • breaklance

    Glad you didn’t just bash Flash’s Face offs. I looked at the report directly after the game and while his 33% was indeed dismal he won 67% of his defensive zone draws which are quite important. Why, you ask? Because the face off with 6 seconds left David Steckel didn’t win in our zone resulted in a goal.

    Though it does amaze me that Flash took 18 FOs more than any other caps player, but if you through out Patrice Begeron flash would be 4 for 7. Begeron was a beast all night winning 26 of 33 draws and recorded 1/1/2 for the night. Rough night for Caps centers, except Willy Old Lars.