Bruce Boudreau and Um… Penguins Fans

Bruce Boudreau and um... Pittsburgh Fans

You stay classy, Pittsburgh! Thanks to Neil for capturing this.

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  • Teer H

    Just noticed those 2.

  • Sherry

    LOL but she hearts hockey

  • Rockn’ The Red in VA

    2? I counted 4!

  • Claire


  • Kat

    They are wearing red though….hahaha

  • Ron

    Ah, I forgot what I was going to say…

  • Goo goo gah gah?

  • Katie

    Boobs Boudreau

  • Mary K

    I saw this when it was on tv… They are wearing red, so maybe they aren’t Pens fans…..

  • spinner33

    was it a clever distraction technique by pittsburgh? but maybe they are part of the caps road crew? dunno though. that looks like trailer park spandex and a sorority tee shirt. (omega symbol?)

    hey, ron, don’t worry. i feel the same way when ovie and sasha strut around pre-game in those warm-up outfits of theirs. pity the boys can’t play the whole game in just their underarmor. the female hockey fan attendance would increase exponentially. =D

  • Mary K.

    agrees with spinner 🙂

  • BobbyG

    From the looks of that photo, Coach BB is NOT between a rock and a hard place. Although if he turned around to take a peek…LOL!

  • Peter

    The innuendo in these comments is crazy.

  • hahaha BobbyG. well said.

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  • Bart

    This is not kind, but the first word I thought of last night when I saw her was “floozy”.

    A similar photo may be right there in Wikipedia under that word.

  • Benito

    Actually, these two (sisters?) come to every home game and sit in VIP row A in section 120, up against the glass near the corner where the ice crew and Smokin’ Al hang out – in the zone where the caps warm up.

    Boobs Boudreau LOL