Braden Holtby Portrait

Last Tuesday, RMNB profiled Braden Holtby and introduced everyone to his oh-so-eccentric “Holtbyisms.” A few thousand hits later, our post now floats in the top ten Google hits for “Braden Holtby.” Alright!

Follow-up time!

I. Spot Starts

During Monday’s media session before the Capitals nationally televised game against the Boston Bruins, Bruce Boudreau dropped a bomb on us.

Per @TarikElBashir: “Coach Bruce Boudreau hinted in his pregame media session that the team has discussed calling up G Braden Holtby to start tomorrow in Pitt.”

Is it a trick?

And then…

Per @cmasisak22: “Calling up Holtby could absolutely be Boudreau playing mind games, but he didn’t back down after being pressured about it.”

It sounds crazy, sure, but might the Capitals reward their fourth-string goalie for his superb season, allowing him to make his NHL debut in a nationally televised game with the team’s most-hated rivals: Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins? Tune in to Versus tomorrow and find out. Oh, Bruce. You so crazy.

II. Kamikaze Pokechecks

What typifies a goalie’s on the top of his game? Storming out of the crease and challenge opposing shooters! Well, Braden Holtby must have been feeling a wee bit cocky on January 23rd against the Manitoba Moose, because in the video below (provided to us by Derek Meluzio), Holtby frantically skates almost all the way out to the blue line to dive head-first and poke check a potential breakaway away from the attacking player. I haven’t seen this kind of blatant disregard for the goalie’s crease since Patrick Roy went for a stroll with the puck past the red line in a game against the Rangers one decade ago.

A replay of Holtby’s Kamikaze Pokecheck comes around the 17 second mark. The speed, the determination, the reckless abandon for his body. I dig it.

III. The Holtby Shuffle

Friend-of-the-Blog Erika Schnure (DChi606 on Twitter) visited the Giant Center Sunday Night and took in Hershey’s final regular-season home game of the season. She shares with us something we’ve missed in our previous stories, one of Braden’s strangest superstitions. Ladies and Gentleman, we proudly present The Holtby Shuffle.

The Holtby Shuffle consists of Braden aggressively skating in place during the entire National Anthem and at times during the second video – hastily throwing his arms and shoulders backwards to loosen up his torso. Do you find yourself rhythmically chanting “GO! GO! GO!” like me?

And to our friends North of the Border, don’t worry. Holtby flips out during “O, Canada,” too.

In conclusion, we here at RMNB hope GMGM and Bruce Boudreau do the right thing and give this tenacious youngster a shot to prove himself in the red, white and blue. Come on coach, just one game? We think it makes sense to rest Semyon Varlamov and Jose Theodore considering it removes any possibility that the Penguins will gain any kind of psychological edge on your dynamic duo heading into the playoffs. And hell, let’s test the mettle of one of our top goaltending prospects and see what he’s got. It couldn’t hurt. Sink or swim, he’ll be alright.

Anyways, if you have any more Holtbyisms to share with us, you know the drill: Put them in the comments below! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  • lolwut

    I’m trying to figure out how anyone benefits from Holtby coming up tomorrow. Why on earth would we sit Varlamov when we need him to get all the games in that he can? Why we would we waste one of our 4 non-emergency recalls like this? It makes zero sense and is completely illogical. I definitely don’t mind him playing a game this weekend, where we will be at home. Where we will not be going against our bitter enemies who are fighting for their division. The Penguins are going to come out hungry tomorrow, and putting Holtby in that kind of predicament is not right.

  • Don’t have any, but anyway:
    It’d be a treat to have Holtby play. Don’t know if it’d be the right choice [I can’t predict the future, meh], but still. We don’t want Crosby and his buddies to break into our guys’ heads. D:
    [I mean if I start having dream about them (which I sadly have), you know you gotta make some changes.]

    And THAT WAS AN AMAZING SAVE! I had to see it a couple of times to let taht be burned in to my memory. DAMN. That was a plate of epicness with a side of awesomesauce.

    And his little dance during the national anthem, priceless! I love it. Thanks to Erika for her video. Lolz. Too funny. I love this organization.

    Sorry if this comment sucks. I have been playing The Sims 3 all day, [aside from the Bruins/Caps game] so my coherent-ness is worse than is usually is.

  • Just a PS, I coined “The Holtby Shuffle” haha, I thought it a very appropriate name for his little dance. Note that when the singer gets to the last line (right around “banner”) that Braden stops and looks up. He remains in place there for maybe 10 to 15 seconds after the anthem is OVER. His teammates are starting to skate around and Braden is just standing there, then he snaps out of it and heads to the crease. It’s really bizarre. I would have kept filming but my camera was almost out of batteries!

  • Derek

    “The Holtby Shuffle” is a great name.

    I still think the best thing about him and his play is the fact that he skates out to the end of the bench when the Bears score and he gets in the fist pound line.

  • Derek

    No sorry, I made a mistake. The best thing about his game is the fact that he stops the puck!!!!!

  • I’d say give Holtby the start tonight, and rest Varly and Theo. You’ve got a great point when you say “rest Semyon Varlamov and Jose Theodore considering it removes any possibility that the Penguins will gain any kind of psychological edge on your dynamic duo heading into the playoffs.”, it’s very true. But then again, I don’t know if you’d want Holtby to have his first NHL game against the Pens. But, then again, Varly started his first game again the Habs, and Neuvy started his first against the Bolts. Now I know the Bolts haven’t been the greatest team over the past few years, but they are still good, and mostly they’ve got good players. The Habs, however, I would say are a pretty good team, and I would rank them as one of the higher teams in the NHL.
    So, in my mind, I say..Play Holtby. His record in Hershey shows how great he’s been this year. And I would LOVE to see the “Holtby Shuffle” at the NHL level.

  • Taylor

    Holtby can’t stand still can he? hahah, I guess it’s good though. He’ll be a good goaltender, maybe the Caps’ll bring him up for some games next season, it wouldn’t be a very smart move to use an emergency recall when we already have two healthy goalies.

  • samantha

    hey like every girl the first time they see braden holtby they think that he is so hot but to be honest HE REALLY IS HOT!!!!!!!!! when i first saw him i thought he was really hot and the second game i went to he came out and the people around me and looked at me and i started to scream and i think i hurt the old man’s ear in front of me but i cant help it when i see i hot guy and when you are able to yell i will

  • @MoniMaz

    I want me a Holtby sweater so I can feel the magic 24/7. Can’t wait to see him play/dance/pokecheck/score goals and sing the national anthem at Verizon someday…

  • Taylor

    uhh, Samantha, not everyone thought he was hot the first time they saw him.. I sure didn’t, because I cared more about his play.

    MoniMaz if he does more pokechecks like that I think everyone would accept him at Verizon (: