The Sweep! Caps Beat Pens 6-3!

Caps Sweep The Pens (Image by Jack Reickel)

Thanks, Jack Reickel, for the amazing picture!

It seems the Caps of old are back. The last few weeks, really ever since the Olympic break, the team has lacked its luster. But in this fourth and final game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Washington Capitals brought a ton of heart and their signature roll-call scoring with them.

Thanks to goals from Alex Semin, Mike Knuble, Tomas Fleischmann, Matt Bradley, and then two more from some other guy, the Caps emerged victorious. Maybe it’s the Penguins are flagging late in the season, or maybe the Caps really are the better team. Watching the despondent faces of Pens fans trickling out of Mellon Arena, it doesn’t matter much to me; I’m just happy.

Let’s never go back to Pittsburgh. ‘Tis a silly place.

  • Alex Ovechkin scored two hilarious goals. One was a quick wrister four seconds into the Caps’ first and only power play of the night. The second was an empty netter with one second left in the game. That ties OV up with Sidney Crosby in the Rocket Richard race. This is hilarious for many reasons, but that these cheap goals will infuriate Sidney’s acolytes is the one that makes me smile widest.
  • Mike Wise in tomorrow’s Post: “The problem for rockin’-the-red Washington at the moment is, Sidney Crosby is at least two leaps ahead at the moment.”  Already out of date.  Sigh.  Mike, respectfully, please leave hockey to the real amateurs.  (Us.)
  • The Penguins received one penalty one the night, the Caps four. If you think that this is because the Capitals are less disciplined than their foes, you have not been paying attention.
  • Perhaps the parade of penalties was a deliberation on the Caps behalf; it gave the team many chances to practice their leaky penalty kill unit. 3-for-4 doesn’t change the team stat, but the PK made its way up to shut-down mode by the end of the third.
  • Sidney Crosby‘s “goal” was totally deflected in by Bill Guerin and his spray-on tan. Fess up, NHL tallymen. You know I’m right.
  • Nicky Backstrom wields ninja-like puck skills, but his intentions are transparent: do something ninja-like and then pass it to Ovie.  The best break in the world loses its surprise if the goalie knows you’re going to pass it to GR8.   Those 31 goals could be many, many more.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury‘s temper tantrum on his way to the locker room tickles me in a place that is not oft-tickled.  It’s a physical manifestation of the Capitals setting up residence INSIDE HIS MIND!  See you in two weeks, MAF.
  • Hey, let’s look at that empty net goal again. Hahahaha.

  • How did Shaone Morrisonn manage to get a -2 rating in a game where his team wins 6-3? Do you have to try to get scored on? Was this a dare?
  • Not-Center Tomas Fleischmann showed some fury tonight, but man, he is not doing the job on the faceoff. 3/13 = 23% = BrendanMorrisonComeBackToUs!
  • Semyon Varlamov had 26 saves, many of which he had no business saving. Is he back? Don’t jinx it! (But yeah, he is.)
  • Okay, last time. I promise. Let’s check out that empty netter.

Two games to go. Stay frosty, boys. It’s a long road.

  • @MoniMaz

    Ovi’s empty-net goals ROCK. Especially against the Pens. I know it’s “schadenfreude”, but against the Pens it’s just…. FREAKIN’ SWEET!!!!!

  • I think ShaMo’s -2 can be summed up with the Erskine-like dropping of the stick followed up with the kicking the puck into the net past Varlamov. 🙁 Not Shaone’s best night.

  • Mary K

    I missed the Fleury tantrum. Is there some good footage of it out there?

  • Taz

    A Monty Python quote! And put to such good use. I knew this was a great blog. Another great posting for another great game, I’m still wired. @MoniMaz says it all, “FREAKIN’ SWEET!!!!!”

  • sarah

    I may have started watching hockey for alex ovechkin’s rugged face, but it was this blog that kept my interest piqued.

  • Diana

    Agree with Mary K! Missed it but would LOVE to see footage of this!

  • lolwut

    .02 seconds left. I was rolling on the floor laughing. Salt in the wound. 🙂

  • CapsFan1975


    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team than the Pens.

  • I have to say, I was expecting the Caps to phone this one in, just b/c they already have home ice for the playoffs, so why bust their asses? But I was happy to see that they didn’t phone in it, and so happy to see Ovie get two. Steady improvement on the PK I thought, and way to be Matt Bradley with the timely goals. I think half of his goals this season have been game winners? Sweet.

  • Mary K.

    I saw Fleury bang his stick at .02, but I don’t really consider that a tantrum…. just a goalie frustrated because there was nothing he could do….. how sweet it is!

    Is there another “tantrum” after the game has ended?

  • Stevie K.

    @Mary K.

    As Fleury got pulled after the third goal, he was walking to the locker room and slammed his goalie stick into the wall in anger. Peter and I laughed it up at the sight of it.

  • Mary K.

    Ahhhh…. an earlier tantrum! I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks Stevie!

  • Cat

    Hee hee hee, I may get tired of watching that ENer after another 100 viewings or so. 🙂

  • That game was sweet! Aside from Sha-Mo’s battle to do well tonight (and he was doing so well lately too), and Flash’s lack-of faceoff percentage, it was an awesome game. From Semin scoring the first, to Fleury getting pulled and crying about it, all the way to the last second of the game, with Ovie’s empty net goal.
    And props to Jack Reickel, that pictures is great, haha.

  • Sister Ovechkin

    Thank you RMNB for your awesome bullet points about the game! Mike the UnWise is more in love wtih Crosby than Pierre McGuire…sounds like he needs to spend some time in the penalty box or become the new roomate resident at Che’Lemieux.

  • BobbyG

    I LOVE the broom in Ovie’s hands in the pic! I hope he gets to do it again in the SC playoffs. My dream series is the Caps vs the Pens at some point, hopefully the EC Finals, and Ovie’s monster goals pave the way for the Caps to broom the Pens away on the way to the SC Finals.

  • Jordan

    I said it once and I’ll say it again: the Caps can take 4 wins against us in the regular season, and we’ll happily take 4 wins against you guys in the postseason 😛