Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom pose with the puck they reached their milestones with: 50 Goals for Ovechkin, 100 Points for Backstrom.

Photo by Mitchell Layton. Is there a better duo in hockey right now? We don’t think so, and we think you’re dumb if you disagree. Bring it in the comments.

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Caps Beat Thrashers 5-2! Everyone Gets Laid!


Where's the saw? Ovechkin nets his 50th, Backstrom gets his 100th point on same goal. (Photo Nate Ewell, Above: Mitchell Layton)

Where's the saw? Ovechkin nets his 50th, Backstrom gets his 100th point on same goal. (Photo Nate Ewell, Top: Mitchell Layton)

It felt like a special night. The Caps’ final match with the Atlanta Thrashers had special gravity: Alex Ovechkin trailed Sidney Crosby in goals scored and Henrik Sedin in total points, Nick Backstrom was hovering right under the 100-point line, and 18,772 Capitals fans were hungry for wings.

Everyone got what they wanted from tonight’s 5-2 walloping. Alex Ovechkin’s and Nick Backstrom’s individual achievements delivered a definitive win for the whole team. With the playoffs imminent, isn’t this exactly what we want to see from our team?

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The Celebration Photo by Luis M. Alvarez.

Wicked Wrister! Video of Ovechkin netting #50 and Nicklas Backstrom getting point #100.

Post Video. Ovechkin on #50: “It’s a Great Big Number”.

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Ode on an Ovechkin Puck

Anyone can make the argument that Ovechkin should win the Hart, but only RMNB correspondent Emily Karol can do it in iambic pentameter.

Alex Ovechkin (Photo by Greg Fiume)Ode on an Ovechkin Puck

Alex-ander of thee Ovechkins Great,
Crown’d Captain of the Capitals Estate:
On fifth of Janu’ry, Twenty-ten exact
Since then, the team has not lookéd far back.

Four months the time has traveled quickly thus,
The winning streak was def’nitely a plus.
The wins have totaled twenty-nine to date:
To seal the fate of this belovéd Eight.

He’s heard MVP chanted twice before,
This time to come would meanéd even more;
Gretzky and Orr, alone hold down the fort,
Two of the Greatest in this modern sport.

His leadership has raised his team up high,
Above the rest, with eyes upon the prize;
Oh Captain, our Captain, we’ve heard before:
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more 1.

1 William Shakespeare’s Henry V Act III. Scene i

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Hart Trophy Should Be A Two-Horse Race

It's a two-horse race. Will Henrik Sedin win the Hart Trophy this year? (Photo by Harry How)

With the regular season winding down it’s only fitting we should start seeing opinions on who should win the Hart Trophy, “given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team.”

Edward Fraser feels there are a quintet of contenders while Ken Campbell argues Henrik Sedin deserves to be included in the conversation but doesn’t deserve to win it. Tim Morgan thinks both Gaborik and Lundqvist deserve nominations but when it comes down to it, based on previous voting, it is shaping up to be a two-horse race: Alex Ovechkin and Henrik Sedin.  (Sorry Sidney, maybe next year?)

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