The Celebration Photo by Luis M. Alvarez.

Wicked Wrister! Video of Ovechkin netting #50 and Nicklas Backstrom getting point #100.

Post Video. Ovechkin on #50: “It’s a Great Big Number”.

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  • L

    Any chance you have the video of Backstrom saying he and Ovie “complete each other”?

  • Peter Hassett


    @L, I think that was Lisa Hillary from CSN speaking on their behalf.

  • Yeah here’s the video. The funniest part is when after Lisa says the line, Ovechkin goes: “WHERE?!?”

  • L

    Ah, I misunderstood the person who told me about it. Still a great video, thanks for posting it!

  • BobbyG

    The still photo of Ovie’s 50th says it all. There’s a fire in his eyes that has been missing of late. He also looks relieved to reach this lofty plateau. I also believe he would love nothing better than to steal the Maurice Richard trophy out of Crosby’s hands and the Art Ross out of Henrik Sedin’s.

    Not only do Ovie and Nick “complete each other” they agreed to do a group hug at the urging of the interviewer. LOL!

  • All I have to say: YES! AWESOMENESS! Haha. Ovie and Nicky are the best. that video was hilarious.