Caps Beat Thrashers 5-2! Everyone Gets Laid!


Where's the saw? Ovechkin nets his 50th, Backstrom gets his 100th point on same goal. (Photo Nate Ewell, Above: Mitchell Layton)

Where's the saw? Ovechkin nets his 50th, Backstrom gets his 100th point on same goal. (Photo Nate Ewell, Top: Mitchell Layton)

It felt like a special night. The Caps’ final match with the Atlanta Thrashers had special gravity: Alex Ovechkin trailed Sidney Crosby in goals scored and Henrik Sedin in total points, Nick Backstrom was hovering right under the 100-point line, and 18,772 Capitals fans were hungry for wings.

Everyone got what they wanted from tonight’s 5-2 walloping. Alex Ovechkin’s and Nick Backstrom’s individual achievements delivered a definitive win for the whole team. With the playoffs imminent, isn’t this exactly what we want to see from our team?

Number one with a Bullet!

  • Alex Ovechkin struggled on offense in the early portion of the game. He keeps crossing where he once would go deep, invariably losing control of the puck in the process. But the Russian Machine responds to pressure well, rocketing shots from beyond the circles to score his 49th and 50th goals. Ovie is once again the league-leader in goals and points, and all is right in the world.
  • Nick Backstrom is no slouch either. His opening goal was a masterful cleanup off of a Ovechkin rebound was 99, his assist on Ovie’s 50th was 100, and his Wings-earning goal was 101.
  • It was synchronicity that Nick’s 100th point and Ovechkin’s 50th goal were earned on the same puck. Pity that poor rubber disc and its impending date with a bandsaw.
  • Sorry, Alex Semin. 11 shots. No goal. You’ll get number 40 on Sunday. Promise. For now you can settle, like rest of the top line, for 3 points.
  • The first four bullets were all dedicated to the 8-19-28 line, whose dynamic has changed dramatically with Mike Knuble scratched tonight. The garbage man’s constant crease threat was replaced with Sasha’s playmaking. If Bruce Boudreau is comfortable shifting around his most dangerous line during the playoffs, any opponent will have a hard time covering it adequately.
  • Jeff Schultz. Holy crap, dude. +4 tonight? Is there such a thing as “running up” the plus/minus?
  • In the wake of Ovechkin’s 50th, the Fleischmann-Belanger-Chimera line showed the most intensity of the entire game. After an extended period occupying the offensive zone, new guy Eric Belanger slipped a dastardly pass to sorta-new guy Jason Chimera, who slapped it in from the slot. Great effort from a group of guys who might have been overshadowed by the team’s superstars.
  • I love the crowd at Verizon Center, so please forgive me for being a downer right now. Sidney Crosby does not, in fact, suck. As much as we dislike the guy for his bleating, others criticize Ovechkin for his aggression. Between these two gentlemen, hockey is blessed with a wealth of talent. Let’s please do adjust our cheers now. May I suggest a “MARIO’S BASEMENT” chant?

And now we’re down to one. One game separates the Washington Capitals from a post season with will be historic in one way or another. Let’s think of tonight’s game as demonstration of the team playing up to a challenge. The personal accollades will be meaningless in two days; all that’s left is the long road to that silly piece of silver that means the world to us.

  • BobbyG

    It was an incredible night. I wish I could have been there in person but had to be content watching it all on TV.

    The Caps goals explosion in the third period looked like a signal that they’re ready to get the big dance going. Ovie was sensational, all the way back from his funk or whatever it was. He and Nick Backstrom stole the show, so it’s only fitting that they get to share the historic puck for Ovie’s 50th goal of the season and Nick’s 100th point. In the post game interview both players spoke very warmly about each other so it’s obvious they’re friends off the ice. The even agreed to hug each other when coaxed by the interviewer. It’s great when grown men can show feelings like that on camera.

  • Rick

    I was lucky enough to be at that awesome game. How dominant are the Caps in the 3rd period??? I thought the biggest news of the game was Backstrom. He actually waved to the crowd when on the jumbo-tron for 100pts. Then when he skated out as the 2nd star he actually had a SMILE on his face… I was thinking “WTF? Who is that?” I’ve been a fan for a loooong time, so I had to buy a Presidents Trophy T-shirt, and am cautiously optimistic for this years playoff run. 😉

  • Kris D’Arienzo

    That was the most fun regular season game I’ve attended since the Caps 10-2 rout of Boston back in ’08. The third period “Clinic” made me feel a (very tiny) pang of sympathy for Atlanta. Seeing The Great 8 & Slick Nick combine point 100 & Goal 50 (respectively) on the same play, was perfect. The way it should have been. Sadly, Semin was robbed. Robbed, I say! By 2:30pm Sunday, that will be rectified.

    The only not good part of the night, also showed some great character from a bunch of fans. Here’s how: The embarrassing chant, “Crosby sucks!” definitely made it’s way around the stadium. But I was extremely proud of my fellow STHs in the front of section 410. A lot of us were tapping people on the shoulder and shaking our heads, “No. That’s not how we do things up here.” Must be a lot of teachers in our section, or something. Anyway, it was great to see that so many people don’t want Caps fans to be “those fans.”

  • Elyssa

    The only thing that could’ve topped it for me would’ve been Greener getting his 20th goal. I’m hoping he and Semin get the chance to celebrate their 20th and 40th goals this Sunday…Stacey and I won’t be down in 112 again, but we’re always rocking our red up in 433 🙂

  • Rockn’ The Red in VA

    Last night’s performance was awesome! The whole team looked relaxed and loose. They were flying around playing the game as we know them to play it. Even though the game was one for the books for Backstrom and Ovie respectively; I think it sets a good tone for the type of hockey we will see from the Caps in the playoffs. If this momentum carries through. . . consider the rest of the NHL “warned”
    See you all at the game Sunday. . . my wife and I will be Rockin’ The Red up in 427

  • BobbyG

    With all due respect to AC/DC:

    For those about to ROCK THE RED, we salute you!

    Anyone going to the season finale on Sunday, please let out a few extra cheers on behalf of fans like myself who can’t be there. I live 2000 miles away from all the fun so I need surrogates to make up for my absence.