Ode on an Ovechkin Puck

Anyone can make the argument that Ovechkin should win the Hart, but only RMNB correspondent Emily Karol can do it in iambic pentameter.

Alex Ovechkin (Photo by Greg Fiume)Ode on an Ovechkin Puck

Alex-ander of thee Ovechkins Great,
Crown’d Captain of the Capitals Estate:
On fifth of Janu’ry, Twenty-ten exact
Since then, the team has not lookéd far back.

Four months the time has traveled quickly thus,
The winning streak was def’nitely a plus.
The wins have totaled twenty-nine to date:
To seal the fate of this belovéd Eight.

He’s heard MVP chanted twice before,
This time to come would meanéd even more;
Gretzky and Orr, alone hold down the fort,
Two of the Greatest in this modern sport.

His leadership has raised his team up high,
Above the rest, with eyes upon the prize;
Oh Captain, our Captain, we’ve heard before:
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more 1.

1 William Shakespeare’s Henry V Act III. Scene i

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  • Lexei

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Ashley

    This moment of the play is essential to the fate of our hero; it is in this moment that he realizes that power and fame come with the burden of responsibility. He has set the standard high and we value him for it; but he concludes that it is this power that gives his people their determination. It is not a sacrifice, then, to work so hard every day for his people, it is a gift.

  • Taylor

    I love this! Amazing job, Emily!

  • BobbyG

    BRAVO! Well done Emily!

    Ovie is roaring back tonight, two goas so far against the Thrashers. He’s getting his mojo back in time for the playoffs. He’s the Caps MVP no matter what the NHL jokers decide. Winning 3 Harts would be awfully sweet though, and I’m sure Ovie would love the honor.

  • Ovie was behind both Crosby AND Sedin before this was written. Just sayin’ it might not be a coincidence…


  • Rick

    Somebody paid a LOT more attention in English class than I ever did….