• Is there a better duo in sports right now?


  • Elle

    Did anyone else notice the “A” on Backstrom’s jersey? And Green too. I don’t recall either of them having one but Backstrom is soooo deserving of it.

  • WashCapsRock

    Uh no there is no greater duo – EVER!S!S. I was at the game and it was awesome.

    Elle – Nicky and Green had the A because Poti and Knuble were healthy scratches tonight. But you are correct, Nicky is so very deserving of it!

  • @Elle When Poti is scratched, Backstrom gets the A. Since both Knuble and Poti were scratched, Green also got one.

  • Mary K

    I would love to be there and see them trying to cut the puck in half. I hope they don’t injure themselves…. Perhaps they will have a professional cut it for them, lol.

  • Nate Ewell?

  • Bela

    They are definitely a great duo, hoping for a looooong time! “A”s on Backie and Green were because neither Knuble nor Poti played tonight. Doubt it’s permanent.

  • Bela

    Sorry, Elle, you’ve got a bunch responses on the same question. This forum is fast!

  • madcap

    I love the shoulder bump at the end of the game…they are awesome!!

  • Who called this a forum? INSULTED!

  • Bela

    Ooops, no insult intended… Blame it on the language barrier. ESL…Was looking for the right term to use, actually…

  • Mary K

    Well, its kind of a forum for comments, right?

  • CapsFan1975

    Will Ovi change his mind about sitting out if Crosby or Stamkos score goals tomorrow?

  • @MoniMaz

    this year rocks like nothing else. GO CAPS!!!!!

  • BobbyG

    Watching the game on TV I could detect Ovie’s determination and drive in this game, something that had been absent for a stretch post-Olympics. The joy he expressed after scoring goal #50 was joyous to behold. It’s pretty obvious he wants to win the scoring title and Rocket Richard trophy, and is putting pressure on H. Sedin, Crosby and Stamkos to keep up with him.

    It’s going to go down to the last game of the season to see who gets these awards so I don’t see Ovie sitting out Sunday’s game unless it’s already a foregone conclusion by Saturday night. As far as I’m concerned, Ovie also deserves to three-peat for the Hart trophy as MVP but you just never know about awards that get voted on.