It might have taken a long 34 days, but Matt Cooke has finally paid an exacting price for his gutless hit on Marc Savard. For those who wanted real retribution, tonight you got it in the form of two right crosses from Atlanta’s Evander “Holyfield” Kane that knocked Cooke the fudge out. CLICK CLICK BOOM.

Even though lead NHL Disciplinarian Colin Campbell may not be adequately policing the sport, do know that the Hockey Gods are always willing and able to lend a hand when needed.

  • PWNED! Shall we drop a falling Elmo Balloon on his fallen self? That punch is definitely UFC caliber.

  • IRockTheRed


  • CapsFan1975

    Evander Kane is the heavyweight champion of the NHL!

  • CapsFan1975

    On Cooke: what goes around comes around.

  • BobbyG

    YES! There is a god after all!

    Another good thing: the Thrashers shut out the Pens, so Crosby got no goals and can’t win the Maurice Richard Trophy. Is Ovie a lock now or is Stamkos still a threat?

  • The Pens play the Islanders at 5pm tomorrow. Stamkos scored his 50th goal tonight tying himself with Ovechkin in the Rocket Richard Trophy Chase and the Lightning have another game tomorrow against the Panthers. Ovechkin is also 1 point out of first for the Art Ross Trophy with Sedin having a multiple-point night. The Canucks season, however, ended tonight. So tomorrow everything will be decided. Hopefully Ovie can net a couple!

  • BobbyG

    Thanks RMNB! I guess that means Ovie plays tomorrow, Coach BB won’t sit him out.

  • Nate Ewell on twitter certainly made it sound like he’s playing tomorrow.

  • BobbyG

    I can’t wait for Sunday’s games to end to see who will win the Maurice Richard and Art Ross trophies. I got a little ahead of myself earlier, wishful thinking for Ovie, but hopefully he can come through and take both trophies.

    Whoever goes to the game, let out an extra shout on my behalf. I’m a Caps fan from a great distance. I wish I could cross the 2000 miles to be there in person, to be able to witness the playoffs live at the Verizon Center, but alas it is not possible. I’ll be watching on NHL Center Ice, doing my own Rock the Red dance. I’ll really get going if Ovie has a monster game.

  • Bela

    Yes, Cooke definitely had it coming… I even hoped for a min that he would miss some games but does not look like that… (He is one sneaky pest. Makes me uncomfortable when he is on the ice, so the farther away he is from it, the better)…

  • Um, wow.

  • hollyinVA

    That is a thing of beauty! What a pleasure to watch. Thank you!