T-Shirt Tuesday: Game Over.

To prepare for the playoffs, we  at RMNB were compelled to revamp our store. Gone are the Bruce WTF, inSEMINation & We Want Wings tees.  In their place we bring you five awesome, new designs. Peep the store and chat it up in the comments.

Mean Muggin’ Game Over T-Shirt

Mean Muggin Game Over T-Shirt

RMNB’s answer to the Wizznutzz’s jaw-dropping Agent Zero Metallic Gold Portrait Tees, the Game Over Portrait T-Shirt shows everyone’s favorite disrespected defenseman mugging for the ladies. The shirt comes in black and green, and with or without the psychological baggage of the Olympic snubbing. Also, for the first time ever, our Game Over graphics will be printed in a beautiful, space-age Metallic Silver.  You can microwave a pizza on it!*

* Please don’t microwave a pizza on it.

Game Over T-Shirt

Game Over with Sunglasses

Not to be outdone, this Game Over Portrait T-Shirt includes our high-flying defenseman sporting shades and his Blue Steel look. Is this the perfect wardrobe selection for the Wale Stanley Cup Celebration Concert in Early June at the Verizon Center?  We think so.  Buy twenty!

Sasha Minor- The Most Complex Of All The Constellations T-Shirt

Sasha Minor - The Most Complex of all the Constellations

There are few mysteries in this world as lasting as Alexander Semin.  Next to LOST and thermos technology, nothing fascinates us more than Alex’s out-of-this-world ability. Sometimes he’s so good he embarasses the competition, sometimes he looks downright bored.  In both cases, he heads inexorably towards a stick penalty like he’s caught in its gravity well. One day we will understand this most complex of figures.  Wear this shirt to show your friends that you are a dedicated Seminologist.

Nacho Power T-Shirt by The Hockey Chronicles’ Meghan H.

Nacho Power by The Hockey Chronicles' Megan H.

Much like how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fuel up on Pizza to regain their power, Megan H. of The Hockey Chronicles believes the only way the Russian Machine reaches  full strength is if he’s eating several servings his highly coveted Arena Nachos. Drawn in paint in a playful style reminiscent of Home Movies, this illustration was just too wonderful not to decorate a t-shirt. Don’t you agree?

Barack The Red – Hope T-Shirt

Barack The Red - Hope T-shirt

President Barack Obama continues to act like he hasn’t heard our pleas to Barack The Red – yet still manages to find time to share his horrible Bracket Picks on ESPN and throw out the first pitch of a Nationals Game.  Nonetheless, our campaign forges on– this time in t-shirt form! Outfitted in a Hawaiian Hockey jersey and a HOPEful smile, POTUS shows everyone just how cool he’d look out on the ice (if he ever bothered to make the FIVE-MINUTE TRIP to the Verizon Center. Come on Mr. President, it’s not too late!)

That’s it, folks!  Share your thoughts below and vote with your wallets. And don’t forget to check page 2 and 3 of our store for different styles and colors.