#beardpact Day 1: Razors Down, Spirits Up!


Caps Nation begins its parallel march to victory.  Fans across D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, have shaved their last shave until summertime.  Russian Machine is here to solemnly document the personal hell that we put ourselves through in the name of our team.  Here we shall offer moral support and gentle mocking in equal portions.   #beardpact brings fans together.

Let’s begin our daily recap of the RMNB scruff, most of whom started with a fresh shave yesterday.

Editor/designer Ian Oland shaved his face and head last night, so he’s quite aerodynamic today.


Writer Peter Hassett is already uncomfortable and in need of your support.

Peter, day 1

Writer and numbers guy Neil Greenberg takes a classic self-portrait and is clearly in the lead.


We also have some Caps celebrities playing the game.

Holy hell, It’s @TheHornGuy!  Can his stubble catch up to the billy-goat???

The Horn Guy!

Lo and behold, even GOAT (@LoudGoat) is getting involved!  (We sat 10 rows behind this dude a few weeks ago, and our ears are still ringing.)


Still waiting to hear from The Capstronaut, whose space-faring career may not allow him to grow a beard.  Hoping that CNN, JP, RtR, OFB, Caps Examiner, Peerless, and the rest of the posse will share their pics soon.


Tonight we’ll share a bunch more pictures of the unshaven masses.  Check back here before the game.  In the meantime, it’s never too late to join #beardpact!  Stop shaving immediately and post your pics on twitter with the hashtag.  Ladies, you may continue to shave, but please share your playoff adornments (dyed hair, nails, whatevs) with us.

Playoffs start in less than six hours.  The waiting is almost over.

Keep the pictures coming, everyone.  Show your support for the team by looking like a maniac!

Parade of Stubble!

Here we go, people.  The “Before” pictures in a diptych of horror.  Keep sharing your self-portaits on twitter with the #beardpact hashtag!

beard1beard2beard3beard4beard6beard7beard10beard11DOES NOT COUNT

You have to admire a guy who returns to square one for his playoff beard.  And the guy who took his self-portait from the 400-level of the phone booth.  I don’t know what that girl in the sunglasses is thinking.  Also, that last picture looks a bit suspect.

Keep ’em coming!

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  • Who knew the RMNB group was such a cute bunch? Especially Peter. Now since all of you have been established as bad luck at games, I hope none of you is attending tonight. No offense.

  • Hittman

    Blast! I cannot grow a beard in my profession. I could only conceivably grow one on vacation and then come back to work with it. The in between time would be unacceptable. Curse whoever invented the clean shaven look!

  • Blast! I cannot grow a beard in my gender. What do they do in Women’s Hockey???

  • Sherry

    Hey where is Fedor’s picture, what he isnt in the beardpact???? plus he just refuses to show us his face:)