#beardpact Day 2: Grumpy People with Itchy Necks


How much did last night suck?  True story:  Peter and Ian had a big fight about writing the game recap.  Peter was too grumpy to write it, and Ian was too grumpy to put up with Peter’s hissy fit.  Today, they exchanged LOLcats and everything seems fine again.  For now.

Is the change of mood due to the Caps’ pathetic overtime loss, or is something more sinister behind it?  Could it be that our nascent facial hair is turning us into hyper-masculine, moody bastards?  The intention of #beardpact was to create levity and togetherness among Caps fans, but it may have gone awry.  Let’s take this time to redouble our efforts.  No change from yesterday: sixteen wins stand between our team and glory.  Within that increment there must be a lot of dudes with itchy necks and annoyed girlfriends/wives/platonic opposite-sex companions.

Let’s check in with the RMNB staff, all of whom could use a hug today.

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